Monday, December 19, 2011

Sisterly Love




Ivy and Ted have been playing a game they call Fetch It lately, where he pretends to be her dog. I encourage this game because she is kinder to him as his owner than as his sister.

Overheard from outside their bedroom door tonight:

Ted: And then I will be eight and I will be a girl.
Ivy: (long-suffering tone) No, Ted, I've told you, you will always be a man.
Ted: (long pause) And then I will be fourteen and I will be a girl.
Ivy: No, Teddy. (Long pause). Well, you can pretend to be a girl.

She's in his corner.


  1. This made me laugh and then I made Nathan read it too. Kids are awesome.

  2. she is awesome!! they both are. M said this morning: "We need to sit down and have a serious discussion about what we are going ot leave Santa to eat on Christmas eve"


  3. Love that conversation. Most generous of Miss Ivy!

  4. Good grief that conversation just gave me such a laugh. Thank you! Kellie xx PS Merry merry christmas to you lovely people.


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