Thursday, December 22, 2011


Feeling very, very post-festive around here. Is it just the season? My mood? The feeding of a wee fat babelet every three hours making a real 'rest' difficult?

I think I'm going to check my thyroid levels. My fatigue and stressometer is higher than it should be I think.

Still, Nanna is enjoying her new house by the beach even though her smallest grandbaby looks like she's hatching a sinister plot.

Summer is slow in arriving but a cloudy eve doesn't stop one enjoying a sausage sambo down at the beach.
Georgie's first neurosurgery follow-up was very positive (although she's been back at the hospital TWICE since with a tick in her eyelid and a subsequent infection. ) Enough with the drama George! You're the third child and you need attention. We get it.

Ivy and Ted grab the sunshine wherever they can get it; Ivy fully, unnecessarily kitted out and Teddy naked as a bird.

And me and my little ones watched some belly dancing down at the Christmas markets. A moment of quiet in the maelstrom.

At the tail end of three family Christmases and all the lead-up that comes with, we're all a little befrazzled. The tent in Ivy and Ted's room captures the mood around here. I might just crawl in for a little quiet time myself.


  1. The tent picture made me squeak. Really quietly though. Shhh.

  2. Good luck getting that quiet time...maybe you could do some laps in the 'pool' to help chill out ;o)
    Glad to hear George is passing the important tests.

  3. that sign - bless! And where can I get me one of those could do with a quiet private space post christmas.

  4. George is such a boomba- love!! Can you really beleive Ivy starts school in 4 weeks?????? xxx


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