Saturday, December 10, 2011

Life and That.

Do you still think of yourself as a blogger when you are too busy to blog? I compose my thoughts in the shower. I take pics of moments as they catch my attention, and I think I might write them up.

But then somebody needs a cuddle or a new nappy or an arrowroot biscuit with butter on it, and another hour has passed. Suddenly, the end of the day appears, we finally get everybody off to bed and vanquish the washing-up, and there is a brief period in which Keith and I can do grown up stuff. Sometimes we hang out on the couch with duelling laptops, and I manage to post. But often the bath is calling a siren song and I need to soak my sore bones. And then it's bedtime again.

So much is happening, and I itch to record it here; preserving some moments, releasing some tension, revealing myself to myself through words. Writing my life.

Alas, I'm a little too busy living it right now. I think this blog will be a little neglected for the next while as I juggle all these balls.

But right now, it's Saturday night. Keith is off at a rare party in the city, the kids are asleep and George, too, is down for a while. It's the end of a jam-packed few days of baking and craft and Christmas prep while Keith has been in Canberra working. Time for this Mama to relax-ay-voo, go through a few photos, and and then kick back with a cup of tea and some Real Housewives. Party time!

Here's a random selection of what's been happening lately:

Ivy rocking one of her party outfits. I think this hydrangea headband is beautiful.

She's really into taking pics with my phone. Here she snaps me and little Gigi.

There's been lots of craft. Mainly about flowers. Here, some butterfly flower action.

Some Pippi Longstocking inspired floor-scrubbing sponge-skates.

And lots of toe-counting needed to fill out one of Dad's homework sheets.

Ted, here, captured in a rare pensive moment with his baby sister. (Currently, he is more like a newborn baby giraffe, all super-powered, uncontrolled limbs. At three, he is equal parts heart-melting and crazy-making. As in: 'Mama, I am growing every day like a flower, you know,' followed by 'Mama, I did get three fingers in my poo nappy!' ) George, meanwhile, is travelling really well, doing everything she should be and bringing us enormous happiness with her great goofy smiles. Her first follow up appointment with the neurosurgeons is this week.

Ivy really loves these comedy glasses. I don't know where she gets her nobby sense of humour.

Here she captures Ted in them too.

This week, a fabulous Xmas Mamabake with Jen and Lizzie making lovely little bits and pieces to be boxed up as teacher gifts.

The T-Bone hardly ever takes this hat off, but usually he teams it with nudity. Less is more.

Late at night, feeding, I visit all my favourite blogs often, but one-handed, I find it difficult to comment. I'm feeling very much like a lurker, but I have run out of the time to commit, although I am thinking of many of you struggling with stress and illness. I send you all my love and best wishes for joy and happiness and hydrangea headbands this Christmas.

...and the baby wakes

...and so it goes.


  1. I am not blogging as much... still got lots to say, but this is the busy time of year... the garden, chooks, school stuff & festive season are all calling!

    Good luck with the appointment...

  2. I am blogging bar minimum too and really as a way of recording life. With Busy starting school soon I am trying to spend every possible moment with her before she leaves!

  3. Love the hydrangea headband, it reminds me of the beautiful hydrangea bushes at my Nan's when I was little. Your kids are adorable.

  4. i think you do a great job at keeping up the blog...well done you! xxoo

  5. I love you Mama Mogantosh.

    I come here for some downtime, for some laughs, for so much love, and really to perve at your gorgeous family of 5.

    No matter when you blog, how sporadically, I'll pop on over because you have me hook, line and sinker. x

    PS - that hydrangea headband IS the bomb. Did you make it?

  6. "Revealing myself to myself through words", I love that. That is just what writing is. Sometimes I only know what I think and feel once I've written it down. And I agree life first, blogging second. Housework... only when you're in danger of being declared a public health disaster. I love your posts, whenever they come. Bx

  7. Good to catch up, Rachael. Your littlies are divine!

  8. Hope that appointment goes really well. x

  9. Ditto to all of that! (No funny glasses here though). I too do the one-handed scroll in the late evening! Only reason I got two hands right now is that Susannah is screaming in her room. And we're back...

  10. great collection! I know what you mean - i find myself thinking in the way I would write a post. Of course when I actually go to write it it sounds no where near as perfect, but thats okay.
    ove the hydrangeas (who doesn't!) and the helpers little scrubbing shoes! But really love the brother sister shot. Gorgeous!



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