Friday, November 25, 2011

Grateful for Nanna

Life continues to spiral in a happy-wards direction, with the most exciting news that my Mum and Dad have sold their house in Sydney and moved down the coast to my little town.

It is beyond exciting for all of us. Pop wants to learn to surf and Nanna has all sorts of new adventures in mind. The kids are thrilled. Big smiles all round.

This morning I forgot Teddy's lunch. (Man, he wailed like I had cut his leg off.) Chatting to Mum on the phone at home, just like I do most days, I told her I was about to bundle George back into the car in the rain to drop his lunch-box off. 'Oh, shall I drop it off on my way through?' said Mum.

My brain did a double-take. I'm always telling Mum on the phone about my domestic mini-dramas, but it ends when I hang up and sort them out alone. But Mum lives in my neighborhood.

My Mum lives in my neighborhood!

Happy weekends, all. More happy grateful over here.


  1. That brings tears!

    You look like your mum! (I've said that to people who're adopted before, but what I think I mean is that I can see the love!)

    You're all in good hands with Nanna around.

  2. I am jealous! A close Mumma is a true blessing. I can see it is going to make you all really happy.

  3. that is so good! so exciting! I wish my mum lived close. x

  4. That is awesome - we have never had family nearby and i cannot even imagine having a sister or mother to pop round with something! Love it.

  5. How wonderful to have your Mum & Dad close by :)

  6. What a treat to have your folks nearby! Enjoy...

  7. Great to see life looking shiny again. (Although v. jealous about the mum-in-the-neighbourhood caper. Mine would have to heave ho from Oz to Canada for me to boast of that one!)

  8. You've got to love Mums, they are the best. Mine lives 8 hours away and we all miss her. I can understand how great it is for your family to have your folks close by.

  9. That is just wonderful for you.
    I'm a tad envious as all my family live overseas.
    What you describe is exactly what I wish for.
    Actual, factual real life support in the little things.

  10. Things sound like they are on the up and up in your world Rachael! Lord knows you deserve it!

    I love everything about this little slice of paradise we have chosen to live in, but it's 7 hours drive from my mum. Although we have a wonderful support network of friends. . . it's just not the same as having your mum to call on. So happy to hear you have yours in the 'hood now. Bet she's stoked too.

    rachel xo

  11. OMG, that's WONDERFUL! I just got goosebumps for you. It's like the coming together of the ends of your life... if you know what I mean. I think you are in for some very happy days ahead. And I am delighted that your Dad is going to learn to surf. How cool is that!?! x


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