Monday, November 28, 2011

Colour Blocking The Bookshelves.

In the midst of my current spring-cleaning psychosis I made the rash decision to colour block our bookshelves. It caused me immense psychic pain over the weekend, but the outcome brings happiness to my soul. So when I look at the laundry pile and think 'Arghhh!' I can turn to my soothing, beautiful bookshelves and think 'Ahhhh.' Look away. Look away. It's the only way to true housework/happiness balance.

The bookshelves themselves have been a labour of love from Keith, growing since 2009. Bit like this belly of mine.


  1. Oh dear, that must have taken hours. Is anyone allowed to remove a book?

  2. SWOON. Bookshelves. Colour blocking. Having all the books you love in one place.... Leaving mine behind in Sydney hurt more than anything. I promised I wouldn't buy any over here. Now I'm hiding them under my bed like bulimics stash food (pst, just finished one I think you might like- it's a little food focused- but written beautifully 'Blood Bones and Butter' by Gabrielle Hamilton. She's made of stern stuff. Bit like you.)

  3. I just did a long-overdue catch-up on your rambunctious bloggage.
    I'm smiling like an idiot. Idiots look way hot when they smile, huh.

  4. I'm with Tori. Swoon. Well done, you.

  5. And to think you used to ridicule me back in the day for being anal retentive/OCD because MY bookshelves were arranged by genre! That said -- I love the colour-coded orgy that is your reading life. Move over Martha Stewart, and make me some pie while you're at it.

  6. Love the look, and totally get how good it is to have some part of the house pretty where when all is falling apart you can look at and ahhhh all is well.


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