Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In Which Ted Is a Comedian and Ivy a Disgruntled 80's Tennis Champion.

Yesterday was a good day. I set up the painting stuff outside in the sunshine while the baby slept. It started off like this.

But canvases, as usual, were quickly abandoned. I don't know why I bother trying to constrain these freewheeling hippies.

I called time when they began to advance upon me (Teddy with a particularly evil smile. )

And they barreled inside to spend an hour in a party bath shooting each other with a water pistol.

Today was more stressful. Ted embarked on a whinging festival, we ran lots of errands and Ivy kept erupting into random bursts of anger like a tiny McEnroe. Teddy was working on a new comedy bit where he took Ivy's most precious objects, one by one, and asked 'Is this rubbish?' as he ran cackling to the bin. We did not find this as funny as he did.

At Ivy's worst point, she slammed a door so hard it came off its tracks. I shouted 'Go to your room!' to which she shrieked 'Don't you scream at me!' and so I screamed ' Well, don't you scream at me!'
Parenting low.

But this five-year-old. She kills me. Tonight when I put her to bed, I leaned in for her goodnight cuddle. She turned her back, scrabbled under her pillow for a while and then turned to me wearing her comedy nerd glasses.

Even Gigi thought that one was pretty funny.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Colour Blocking The Bookshelves.

In the midst of my current spring-cleaning psychosis I made the rash decision to colour block our bookshelves. It caused me immense psychic pain over the weekend, but the outcome brings happiness to my soul. So when I look at the laundry pile and think 'Arghhh!' I can turn to my soothing, beautiful bookshelves and think 'Ahhhh.' Look away. Look away. It's the only way to true housework/happiness balance.

The bookshelves themselves have been a labour of love from Keith, growing since 2009. Bit like this belly of mine.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Grateful for Nanna

Life continues to spiral in a happy-wards direction, with the most exciting news that my Mum and Dad have sold their house in Sydney and moved down the coast to my little town.

It is beyond exciting for all of us. Pop wants to learn to surf and Nanna has all sorts of new adventures in mind. The kids are thrilled. Big smiles all round.

This morning I forgot Teddy's lunch. (Man, he wailed like I had cut his leg off.) Chatting to Mum on the phone at home, just like I do most days, I told her I was about to bundle George back into the car in the rain to drop his lunch-box off. 'Oh, shall I drop it off on my way through?' said Mum.

My brain did a double-take. I'm always telling Mum on the phone about my domestic mini-dramas, but it ends when I hang up and sort them out alone. But Mum lives in my neighborhood.

My Mum lives in my neighborhood!

Happy weekends, all. More happy grateful over here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Days

I've been meaning to update this blog every day, but I feel like I rarely get two free hands at once, what with all these little people at my heels.

We are doing really well here in our little patch of sunlight. George is in fine form. We're trying to give her lots of help with baby school right now, to encourage her to meet her milestones. (I'm sure Keith and I will finally feel like everything is OK once she has her double degree in aeronautical engineering and interpretive dance. )

So tummy time it is, like it or not. (She doesn't like it.)

For the rest of us, life is grand. We've been cracking out some tunes with the Family Band, and even harvesting a few veges, and enjoying our days. Keith is working and soccering and wall-building, and I am deep in a spell of spring cleaning/clutter vanquishing madness. Madness! I am so keen to get rid of stuff and simplify our space that I should probably start head-counting the children at the end of the day. Maybe it's related somehow to the anxiety I feel about Georges accident, and trying to take control where I can. Regardless of psychology, it is so deeply satisfying to haul armloads of unwanted stuff to the op-shop. It's one of our favourite outings, me and my little gang. (Although we did recently overhear Ivy threaten Teddy 'If you don't stop that I'm going to drop all of your speciallest things to Vinnies!' so perhaps I've gone a little too far.)

Here's the tiny despot this week, in her best pearls and purple Saltwaters, taking a little break in the Salvation Army book aisles and clutching a pristine kids baking set, find of the day.

Ivy is so much fun these days. Currently she's into cracking gags with her Whoopee Cushion. Her favourite is to honk it loudly and then roll her eyes and say 'Do you think you could lighten up on the farts, Mummy?' Last night she set it all up under a towel at the dining room table and then asked me 'May I present to you your chair?' Five is a great age and Ivy is a word nerd like me. Yesterday she got out her sewing kit and asked if I needed her 'thumbkin', and when we are belting 'Perfect' by Fairground Attraction, one of our family band numbers, Ivy insists that the second line runs 'It's got to bee e e e e... werfect.' (Also she has fully mastered the finger-wagging expressive dance move, which fits almost any tune.)

I love it.

We are preparing for school next year but I find myself thinking more and more about home-schooling. We're considering how it might work. Meanwhile, Ivy loves to practice school stuff - and wear her uniform - and we all feel lucky that Keith working from home means that we get to have lunch together every day.

Ivy is very excited about going to school and if she really understood what Mummy had in mind with the homeschooling notions she would smack Mummy in the nose.

Meanwhile Teddy Bones is becoming clumsier by the day. A few days ago he actually managed to twist his legs so that he fell over while he was lying on the floor. It is truly a gift of some kind. This rambunctious, hilarious, stammering comedian refuses to wear pants.

Oh Ted.

Just thinking about him makes me laugh.

As for my sweet, smallest possum, here she perches today on the bump destined to be her buddy. The bump belongs to my beautiful friend Jen, who I count as one of my many, many blessings.

In short, we is good, and hope you is too.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Three Months

Just the single giant dimple. She gonna be cheeky this one.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The George Report

Wonderful women of the blogosphere, thanks for your kind and supportive messages. This is Georgie just this morning, in the big bed with her brother and sister. She is recovering really well, despite the fact that in this picture she looks a little like a London gangster I once knew called Billy Braincell.

She is behaving as well as we could hope. No vomiting, excessive dopiness or scary business. We are treating her at home with lots and lots of kisses.

She just smiles and squeaks and demands more milk to build up those chubby thighs. I can't quite catch her lopsided grin on film, but trust me, it could melt ice caps. My heightened adrenaline has subsided a little, and my heart doesn't jump into my mouth every time I look at her and remember what happened.

Now we just wait to have our follow-up appointments with the neurosurgeon and the Brain Injury Unit, which start in a few weeks. Other than that, life goes on as normal, apart from some extra-vigilant protection of Georgie's poor sweet little head. There is no predicting the future, of course, but babies are resilient, she seems to be doing wonderfully and we feel very optimistic.

Thanks again for your kind words.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sweet Baby George.

As I write, baby Georgette snuffles softly in her sleep, tucked into her Dad's lap. We are heading into a new week, shocked into something of a 'new normal' in the family, a shift in plans and scheduling and lifestyle after a scary accident this week.

A supermarket shopping trolley tipped over and deposited George on the concrete last Wednesday. We ended up at the Children's Hospital, where they did a CT scan and found that our tiny baby had fractured her skull and bruised her brain.

We are home now, and keeping George very close to us these last few days, very close and very quiet. She needs calm, darkened, peaceful cuddles while she recovers from her injury, and after that we will be under the care of the Brain Injuries Unit at the Children's Hospital, who will monitor her development for some time.

She is doing very well though; behaving just as she should. Her chances of making a full recovery are great. Me, I am a little shaken, and gripped with emotion every time I see that big lopsided dimple, those hugely fat legs, that goofy expression. I can't stop rubbing my face against her delicate, fragile little head. And we have cancelled all bunga-bunga parties at the Mogantosh Ranch for the near future.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Studio Bambini

Thanks all for the supportive commentary through that recent battle with Plague. We are all feeling so much better. (Although this morning Ted did ask me how old I was, and when I said 'Guess', he offered 'A thousand?')

I tried to capture a photo of all three kids yesterday. It is impossible to get one shot where one of them does not look odd, except for George, who maintained a deranged, unblinking expression almost the entire time.

Check it.

Teddy is gormless. Preparing for a future of asking the magistrate 'Who's paying for my bus ticket today?'

Ted and Ivy both smiling. But why shut the baby down?

Teddy's 'photo face' is not as appealing as he thinks it is.

Here Ivy looks haughty and Ted looks constipated.

And here, only George would open her eyes.

Photos with three kids. Any tips?

An important note - the world map cushion the kids are sitting on is made by the brilliant Cath from Chunky Chooky. It was Ivy's 5th birthday present, an object of absolute beauty. You can buy it here.