Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Piggie In A Blanket.

Six weeks old, this squidgeling, my sweet barnacle, six weeks old and going gangbusters. She has started smiling and the whole family is wasting swathes of time trying to get her to pop out her giant dimple.

But look, look at the beautiful hand-knitted blanket that arrived this week from my darling friend Sally in Switzerland. The colours are gorgeous and it is as soft as her bottom.

Thanks so much Sal. We will treasure this always.



  1. She is so cute! Weeks already? The blanket is adorable!

  2. sweet little chubby cheeks and her little sweet eyes peering through.

    all so snuggly.

  3. So beautiful!

    I love her cardie, too.

    (My word verification is 'blerst'. So perfect one week in to our first lot of teething - it's exactly how I feel.)

  4. She looks very sage and serene. She knows her bottom is as soft as her blanket and is happy in this knowledge. Bx


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