Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Creative Space - Recycled School Desks

Last week Ivy, Gigi and I went on a lady date to the big op shop in town. I was in dire need of tops and out-of-the-housiness and Ivy was in need of a little Mum-time. We had an excellent time wandering the aisles admiring each others taste in old and shiny things and then we struck op-shop gold in the form of these battered old school desk on sale for six smackers each.

We took our little mission to Bunnings next for paint and sandpaper and then went home where I advised Ivy to go on the immediate offensive with her long-suffering minimalist father. 'It's not crap, Dad!' she shouted as he opened the car door. Just as trained.

This laminate was really in bad shape but Ivy's Sale Of The Century spokesmodel pose shows promise.

Unfortunately I alwasy FREAK OUT when buying paint and in a last minute tic, switch choices to a shade just below my original choice. So this blue doesn't pop so much as whimper a little. But it's still a nice happy blue.

And the school desks have been on high colouring-in, dot-to-dot, maze-puzzle and writing practice rotation ever since.

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  1. Very cool. What sort of paint did you use - it looks like the desk tops were laminate? I always end up covering laminate in some way which doesn't result in me having to buy bloody expensive laminate paint!

  2. That is one uber cool Sale of the Century pose. Brilliant.
    Great desks too. Colouring in has been my saviour of late - quiet, not too messy and keeps children occupied for long periods of time.
    I adore the concentration on Ivy's face as she paints. There are all kinds of wonderful in this post.

  3. They look great... I do like that blue too :)

  4. I love vintage school desks and these look fab.

    Our practiced model is doing a sensational job of selling those desks. They are now irresistable! x


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