Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hospital Scenes.

Friends, all is well here in babymoon land, but I am not in tip top shape.

Georgette is divine. She feeds, sleeps and squiggles around. Not a naughty peep to be heard. Ivy and Ted are being loving and gentle big siblings. And I've taken to calling Keith 'Alice' as he house-husbands around the place like a champion.

But I'm still feeling a little like an elephant sat on me. I went out last week to visit pre-school, the library, and grab a coffee. Three days later I'm still recovering from that little jaunt. I still feel incapable of really talking to anybody without leaking tears, and so I remain in my little cave.

I've lost a little too much weight I think, and I did not go into this round of baby-production totally match fit. Tonight I hoovered a giant steak. Calcium tablets are on the shopping list. And Alice is on duty for two more weeks, so I can rest, breastfeed, and get my mojo back.

In the meantime, a last little round of hospital pics. And if I owe you a call or an email, bear with me.


  1. Take care. Nourish yourself big time eh.

  2. Back to the cave you go. New babies really do take so much out of you. Recovery is needed.

  3. xxx She is gorgeous.

    I was told by a Korean friend to eat seaweed soup regularly after Amy was born. It's a huge source of calcium and iron apparently and tasted quite delicious to boot.

  4. Be kind to yourself beautiful lady, take it easy, everyone will still be here on the flipside. We're all thinking of you, and hope that little bundle of deliciousness still has that divine newborn smell. Oh how I want a sniff of her head! Glad to hear the biggie smalls are going great guns.

    Big love, xxx

  5. Hope you are reading this in bed! xx rest up lovely- enjoy laying in bed!! and eat something chocolatey!

  6. Congratulations!
    Get well soon.
    Let those tears leak.
    (It's as it should be.)
    I love the photo of baby on Mum while reading the newspaper.

  7. Oh my dear sweet Rach. Rest easy my friend, all will come. We love you so much and wish you shiny goodness. Big kisses to your beautiful tribe. xxxxx
    Btw - those shots of Keith sleeping and Georgette on your tummy are absolutely beautiful :)
    Sheen xxxxx

  8. take your sweet time, honey buns. you made something quite special there. let me know if you need more soup/casserole/laundry flinging. dig you, rach. xx minno


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