Saturday, July 9, 2011

Le Pathos

Keith: Pneumonia. On his third round of antibiotics. Living like a hermit inside our Flu Cave bedroom (for decor, picture a landscape of humidifiers, heartburn tablets, cough lollies, hot-water bottles, pelvic support straps, painkillers, escaped Lego and tissues, and then explode a laundry bomb on top.)
Teddy: Crazed with two-year-old naughtiness. And doing the most appalling poos, three a day. Refusing to toilet train but insisting on pushing his otherwise pointless underpants around in a stroller and calling them his puppies.
Ivy: Won't take off Snow White costume. Perfecting her sulking technique. Signing her name with a question mark (IVY?) Trotting about wearing a giant pashmina attached to her head with a band so she can have long, pink hair.
Me: Elvis still rocking. Car still unfixed. Scan shows big baby (with lots of hair!)

That is all.
I'll be back next week in which I plan to practice the art of Not Complaining.


  1. Chins up pretty lady, it'll all come out in the wash and then you can let it pile up somewhere and the kids can use it as a hands-on art installation.

    Am making a baby blanket for big hairy Plum -- when's the date? Make it soon, because if you give me an inch I'll take a procrastinator's yard, with rusting cars up on blocks and timber offcuts...

    Big hugs.

  2. I just looked at your blog Sal and SAW that blanket! Man these intertubes are amazing things. It's beautiful, and I am so excited. A handmade blanket. How absolutely beautiful. The Hairy Plum (Keith and I now can't stop saying this either, although it's more than slightly disturbing as a nickname)will be exiting via the zipper on Aug 17th. Get those clackers clacking crime lovah.

  3. I have a theory that if you stop complaining, all the complaints stack up inside your complain tubes until there's the inevitable obstruction and rupture, and you start bleeding complaints out through your eyes. So please don't stop. If you can't complain when swimming in lung bacteria, stomach acid and laundry items, when can you?
    Still, it's just a theory. Like evolution.
    Hope the betterment of all is at hand. xxxx(x)

  4. When is this little Plum due?

    I bet he/she comes out clutching some antibiotic prescription pads, Harpic toilet cleaner and a pair of clippers. (Then you'll know why you've have pelvic issues.)

    You'll see, he/she will put everything right.

  5. Two is such an age of, god, I don't even know how to describe it. Two is kicking my arse. So is almost five and tantrums of I HATE YOU.

    But, I am not pregnant and Nathan only has broncho pnuemonia (like proper pnuemonia's wimpy baby sister) and so I think we'll be okay.

    You on the other hand need to self medicate with chocolate and onion soup immediately.

  6. Eeeeep, that sounds totally complaint-worthy to me, but no doubt a little light at the end of the tunnel would be good too!

    That August baby will be here before you know it.....have you got any recruits you can call in?

    My own bump is currently causing a string a relative-minor but never-ending ailments and annoyances. And that's not even taking into account the kids that are on the outside.

    It will all pass I'm sure but complain as long as you like while in the thick of it!

  7. Oh my goodness - you are so allowed to complain! Whinge away I say. Sending healthy vibes your way (I'm actually in bed with a cold at 39weeks hoping I don't go in to labour just yet) x


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