Friday, July 1, 2011

Grateful For Lady Love

My neighbour and darling filthbag friend Sarah took this photo sometime last year. I've spent some time looking at it this week, remembering easier seasons, and reminding myself that the wheel will turn and we'll be happily jumping in the mud again soon.

Keith is slowly but shirley starting to rally from his terrible lurgy. He's been absolutely hammered, hardly out of bed for more than a week, and he's on his second round of antibiotics. My whooping cough test results came back negative, but my pelvis remains ambivalent about the old place in my body it used to occupy. It's still cruising about a little. I'm needing some good painkillers to make it through the latter part of the day. The pair of us are moments away from a courtesy bus to the glue factory.

But as the week has worn on, the network of women friends that surround me have appeared, one after the other, on the doorstep with pies, and salads, and slices, and cakes, and pelvic belts, and 'tummy-socks' and baby-sitting offers, and hugs and jokes and kindness.

I am so deeply grateful to have friends in my life.

More grateful over here.


  1. It is a great photo.

    I also had that naughty pelvis issue, not sure why but the physio recommended getting the egg shell foam and placing that on top of our normal mattress.

    It really made a difference, especially as by the end it feels like that baby might break through at any time and the pain can be pretty intense.

  2. It's fantastic to have friends like yours, nothing better to cheer you up than a home-cooked meal (by someone else).

  3. nothing beats being enveloped in care from a bunch of wonderful women!

  4. Friends like that are awesome!!

    Its a very cool pic.

  5. Love the sisterhood!
    But not our pelvic issues.

  6. Glad you are being looked after and hope your playing in the mud again very soon.

  7. That's an awesome shot - it captures a mothering moment beautifully.

    Hope you're all back in fight mode soon and that you always have such wonderful support in your corner. x

  8. I love that photo - just beautiful. New to your blog, having just popped over from the Gratefuls linky. But I'd like to shout 'yay' for girlfriends who bring help and support and food in times of need. I had a dodgy pelvis with my second pregnancy, so my sympathies... pilates really helped me get through the final trimester, but it's hard to find the time with little ones. All the best.xx

  9. Gorgeous pic, O Photogenic-Yet-Splay-Pelvised One. How come all the pictures my friends take of me involve slack-jawed stares or drunken revelry?


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