Friday, June 10, 2011

Postcard From Crappytown

I've sort of been waiting until I had some cheerier things to say before updating my blog but this seems to be a tougher season than most.

I am getting why nature doesn't approve so much of having babies at (inches from) forty. As soon as one symptom clears, the next appears. At 30 weeks, I'm struggling a bit.

Keith is, on the whole, hugely sympathetic. The last two days he has brought lunch to me in bed where I have been wallowing in the four-hour sick day I carved out between Thursday and Friday pre-school/day care pick-ups and drop-offs and all the crazy shenanigans that fill the morning and afternoon. But he has implied that at night he feels a little like he is sharing his bed with a restless, snoring walrus.

I think this is because during the night, as well as changing position constantly, I must often suddenly sit bolt upright as acid travels from my stomach up my gullet into my throat. The glamour! While sitting up chewing heartburn medication I like to quietly moan in self pity. The acid has given me a bad sore throat too, so combined with the cold I can't shake and the mongy hip giving me a saucy waddle, I am one hot mama. Smoking.

Still, silver linings: I haven't yet woken up choking on my own vomit like I did while pregnant with Ivy. Or was that Heidi Klum? Just...quickly...Google... No, not Heidi, nor Angelina. Surprising. Must have been me after all.

Ted has been in hospital once since I last posted about his asthma. He had an attack on the way to my darling nieces funeral, and we had to juggle the emergency room with getting to the church. I changed in the toilet and raced there just in time. Keith missed the service. It was amongst our worst days ever. But Teddy is is doing much better. And sweet baby Autumn is at peace.

Amongst the worry and the sadness, there have been moments like these too.
Like father, like daughter.

Roald Dahl at bedtime.

But these next two pics say it all. Especially the second where Keith and Ted are moments from being lost forever under a giant pile of unfolded washing.

On the upside, the kids continue to delight with their emerging personalities. Ivy is besotted with her pre-school best friend Ava. They have started a club called Peacock Feather, in which Ivy is named Tulip and Ava is Superstar. Teddy remains an adorable lunatic with an impressive vocabulary. They are loving sharing their room. In the morning, instead of coming in to sit on our heads and shout 'Open you eyes!' they like to chat to each other, and waking slowly while cuddling a mustachioed physicist and listening to pre-schoolers exchange rambling thoughts on life is a very sweet way to start the day.

One morning they woke up and decided to open a 'hat and towel shop'. Up there for thinking, kids.

I hope you all are doing well too, wherever you may be.



  1. Sorry to hear times have been a bit crappy for you. Hope your loved ones are fairing better.

    Your 2 poppets are so adorable.

    I often wonder about the issue of age and pregnancy and dealing with a little dynamo that does not sleep in my mid 40's.. Having had nothing to compare it to I kept/keep on thinking oh its just because I couldnt/cant handle it.

    Wishing you a very smooth and easy going last trimester.

    xxx Jill

    ps funny the word verification is worrie !! I hope not.xx

  2. Sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch. You have captured some lovely family moments in those pictures. Maybe it's just a 3rd pregnancy thing not an age thing? My 3rd was by far the most challenging pregnancy and I had her when I was 33 so not that old really. Labour was a breeze though and she is a delightful being so I'm hoping you have a similar outcome.

  3. NO. I'm so so sorry about your niece. I can't even begin to imagine how tragic and awful her loss is and my heart goes out to you and your family. Really shit about Teddy and his asthma too. Sometimes things just suck. I hope they get better for you soon. Kellie xx PS the pictures are all adorable. Especially the laundry pile.

  4. Dear Rach,

    What a rollercoaster you've been set on. I hope it calms down soon.

    Autumn will never be forgotten, I am so sad for your family's loss. A beautiful baby girl. There's nothing that can prepare you. Thinking of you.

    Ivy and Ted are hilaire and man I love them, love seeing Keith curled up reading with them. This is LIFE!

    As for heartburn, I'm with you, not fun. Hope it goes, or at least you get some respite.

    Not long to go now - so bloody exciting.

    Sending you big love, xxxx

  5. Zantac for the reflux.

    Safe when preggers, relief in tablet form for mamas.

    And I think the 'up-the-stick' trials and tribulations are normal in those pregnant while 2 toddlers search and destroy the homestead. Irrespective of age.

    For those that say pregnancy was pure delight, I salute you.

    But for me it was simply a means to an end, a means to an end, people.

  6. Sending love and hugs re your niece.

    Also sending good thoughts for less acid and the next 10 weeks to pass swiftly. xxx

  7. Oh, Rachael...
    So horribly, horribly sorry for your family's loss.

  8. oh sweetie.
    i never had the puking, but oh was i exhausted, through pretty much all of both pregnancies. i had a little heartburn at the end, but never so bad as yours sounds. have you thought about angling your bed? my dad has heartburn from asophogitis, and the doc told him to block up the head of the bed 6 inches above the foot, so's the juices drain the right way. worth a try if you're really suffering.
    my main complaint was horrible back pain, which both times started at like TWO months, and got worse from there. i know it doesn't make sense, but there it was.
    good luck with that laundry pile!

  9. So sorry. You are doing a great job finding silver lining and enjoying always your adorable Ivy and Teddy. Hang in there. x

  10. Ack! Much sympathies to you, god what a shit. Poor YOu! love and hugs and hoping things improve quickly! xxxxx

  11. I cried and snortled, giggled and cried, rach.
    I am an utter shitface at laundry but am fully willing to come and tackle that pile with you. And/or drop off some freezer food. Maybe you should sleep standing up? Morgs could knock up some upright sleep sling contraption? Hope the weekend eases every pain. As for next week, call in some favours luv. xx minno

  12. In times of great trial and hardship I always think, what would Julie Andrews do? In the absence of any nearby Austrian mountains, there is always our little brown friend. I hope Autumn, and you and all your family find peace. Sometimes I think you're incredibly brave heading down nappy lane for a third time and then I look at the wonderfully charismatic two that you've got already and just wonder how you've managed to stop yourself having oodles of the little beasts. Much love, Bex xxx p.s. I don't fold washing, it goes floor, machine, drying rack, body, floor.

  13. I am so, so sorry to hear about baby Autumn. My deepest heartfelt condolences to you and your family. No one should ever have to go through such an awful thing.

    Thirty weeks - nearly there! The heartburn sounds awful. I think there are still antacids lurking under my side of the bed from when I had to chew them in the night. Minimal sympathy for Keith, I'm afraid. If you have to go through all the glamorous bits of pregnancy, he can at least have to hear about them. My beloved got a constant running commentary.

    I hope Ted's asthma settles soon, that sounds terrifying.

    Sending love and good thoughts. x

  14. blessing to sweet little Autumn and her family. Yes, may she be peaceful now.

    As for you, lovely one, i understand. And I so hope that you get some much needed rest soon. If I were you I think I would be a blubbering mess but the fact that you still have your humour is inspiring.

    Love to you x

  15. I'm so sorry to hear of your sweet Autumn's death. My heart goes out to you all. Wishing you all peace as you await Plum's arrival. xx

  16. Rach. You guys are doing it tough at the moment.

    I hope sweet baby Autumn is in peace, and her poor parents are able to one day smile at her memory. heartfelt condolences to your whole family.

    Look after yourselves. Screw the washing. xxxxx

  17. hello. firstly, i love your writing. it's so refreshingly real and witty. i'm so sorry to hear that your pregnancy has been tough going. i had 9 months of morning sickness and couldn't walk at one stage...and i remembered thinking as i cried into my cereal one on earth would i do this if i had other kids to look after! so i look on in awe! i do hope however that things get easier for all of you. nicole x

  18. Pinkness tries to sneak it's way into our house too - but I am a door-bitch from hell on the issue. Let em choose their outfit in the morning, but choose every item that enters the drawers in the first place is my policy. I accept that at some point I will no longer be able to enforce such measures, but until then... (maybe Pink-passion will be gone??)

    So sorry to hear about your niece. My thoughts go out to you - honestly.



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