Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pinky Winky

It seems just five minutes ago that I was living with the Black Ghost. But Ivy has turned, as daughters will, and suddenly embraced all things sparkly and glittery and pink. She's never done things by half. So her inner princess fairy-pants has burst out with a vengeance, and put paid to all those obsessions with death and dinosaurs and skulls. 'I still really like inside bodies,' she told me, 'but I don't really care about skulls anymore.' In fact she also announced last week that she's given up eating her boogies, so I guess my little girl is growing up.

Now she wishes to be called Pinky Winky. My best disciplining tool of late is to threaten 'Mummy will make you wear BROWN!'

I have rallied. This pink thing pains me, but you know, she's allowed to be her own person, dammit. Last week we found a hot pink polka-dotted suitcase by the side of the road. Can you imagine a greater thrill? Not only does Ivy want everything in her life to be pink, her very favourite game is packing to go on honeymoon.

Happy days.

ps - Thanks all for your words of kindness and support on my last post. What else is there, when the chips are down, and you're heading to funerals and strapping medical masks on your toddlers and vomiting in your own mouth, but friendship? You are wonderful.


  1. She is a rare bird, your Ivy. From monkeys come monkeys, I suppose...

  2. My wee lass just saw Ivy and exclaimed "look at that lovely pink girl! She is my favourite and my best!"

  3. Ivy stories make my days. And she's right, going on honeymoon is the best game to play. Hoping things get brighter soon. xx

  4. Oh man - she kills me. I love her. I love her honesty, and her little quirks. She thrills me. And you. You do too. I love your little family. x

  5. Oh, that photo of Ivy. Gorgeous, even if she does look rather like a musk stick.

  6. i hope you're writing all her remarks down - to treasure forever, to make you laugh when you're feeling blue.

    Oh the pink...i have shared with everyone around me my disdain for a baby girl in candy pink. dusty pink maybe, french pink yes - candy, no.

    While I may have control over what a baby girl wears...a four-year-old may not give me as much leniency.

  7. God I love her. She's so ace. And cute Unfortunately she was my only hope that maybe I can skip the fairy pink phase. But if the black ghost has turned, there's no hope for us. xxx

    Ps. Am going to ask my ma in law about the socks for you.


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