Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Rays of Sunshine Amongst The Compost.

Yesterday, I hit a little wall of self-pity when I was taking out the compost. I tripped over, twisted my ankle and landed in a pile of soggy weet-bix, coffee grounds and carrot peelings. I cried.

Either I have angered some gods, I thought, or generally my fornicating, atheist godlessness has finally caused the big J to strike down some wrath upon us. We've been sort of sliding along on a big banana peel of life around here.

I'm waiting on results to see if I have whooping cough, or just the tail end of some evil chesty disease that has pitted Keith and I against each other in late-night duelling coughing fits. I'm doing much better actually, which is good, because Keith has slid further and further over the last week into the land of Death Flu. Yesterday he went to the doc who diagnosed him with asthmatic bronchitis and dosed him up on antibiotics. He's hardly been out of bed for a week.

My pelvis has become increasingly painful and I am waddling like a duck. I thought it was related to the coughing but I finally took it to the doc, who says I have pubis symphosis dysfunction, a pregnancy disorder with in my opinion an unnecessarily insulting name. Keith and I are calling the problem Elvis in an attempt to lighten the tragedy.

We bought a new car. It has broken down twice so far.


Daily, gifts of food and love arrive from the womenfolk who surround me in the lovely town I live in. Today, one minded Ted while Ivy had an extra day at pre-school. I went back to bed and snored for two hours while Keith wheezed and snuffled and tapped away at his spreadsheets.

Meanwhile, Plum kicks with joy and grows quietly away amidst the chaos. Ivy and Ted continue to be great companions. Teddy has been having nightmares that his bed is swimming away, and fallen in love with the idea of rainbows. Last night at dinner he said wistfully 'I wish a rainbow poo would come out of my bum, Mummy.' Ivy, meanwhile, has taken to patting me and asking 'How are your legs?' She's sweet.

We are blessed.

And yet, cursed.


  1. I truly hope the blessedness starts to outweight the cursedness, very very soon.

  2. You wait.

    When that plum pops out, just like a rainbow poo, you'll forget all this chaos and cursey stuff, and life will be sweet baby-smelling.

    You watch. Unless of course your uterus pops out too, and then it'll all just be shit.

  3. Oh, I can relate - although, I have avoided compost. That being said, last night I did have to administer a infant suppository to Ruby. So you know, in the shit too here. :-/

    You poor little duck, it's time to embrace sandwiches and cereal as dinner options.

    I have/had the same pelvic disorder this whole preg which has been the pits (and did you know that people who are naturally flexible are prone to it? I am just glad that it wasn't related to being a fatty boom-boom). Anyway, a pregnancy specialist Osteo saved my sanity and made it completely manageable. Also, I know you are doing yoga and she advised doing any scissory type movements with your legs (also avoid stairs). I guess it depends on how far you can spread them. Acupuncture as well, helped with the pain, as well as encouraging lady 2 to join us a little earlier to ease it up.

    Anyway, less advice you need and more tea and sympathy. I do hope you continue to have lots of love and support around you, Lord knows that there is also a whole stack online for you too, my lovely friend.


  4. Hope you're both feeling much better very soon.

    My friend also has that pregnancy pelvic problem. A weekly visit to the Osteopath seems to help her.

    Take care.

  5. Ok, enough bad stuff for you guys. Am serious.You deserve roses and sunshine and pancakes scoffed in bed. If there wasn't an ocean or two between me and you I'd be delivering them tomorrow. Sending metaphorical pancakes to you xx

  6. Shit. Whooping cough? Dude. You don't do it by halves. Fingers crossed it is just the nasty nasty nasty flu. SPD, I have been told, is up there with worst ever pain. I know it is completely useless; but back when I was a-working, the standard advice was to do everything with your knees together. It wasn't until I got pregnant I realised how ridiculous (and near on impossible) that is. Breaking down new car? That is the icing on the non-rainbow poo cake.

    I completely agree. You've had your fair share. Absolutely. Blessings to pour on you by the bucketful.

  7. OH MY GOODNESS. You poor lovely lady!You're amazing that you can see so much humour despite all your stress. I'm crossing my fingers for a rainbow poo for Ted. Kellie xx

  8. You deliver the crappy news so delightfully! Hope all's on the up soon.

  9. Make sure you make a wish on the rainbow poo when it comes out - surely it must be the end of the rainbow and wishes are always granted by rainbow poo fairies.
    Hang in there lovely people. x

  10. What MMM-C said. Because after that (with which I wholeheartedly agree, mind you) I'm pretty damned close to speechless.

  11. Truly craptastic over at yours, eh? I had whooping cough in the last pregnancy, which had the dignity-destroying effect of causing me to wet myself most times I coughed. Which was frequently. Also suffered from Elvis. Soooo much better post-partum... Hang in there! Or just sit in that soothing, soothing compost and wet yourself a few times.


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