Thursday, May 12, 2011

Week O'Mama's: Veronica

Todays mama is Veronica, from Sleepless Nights. I am always interested to read Veronica's thoughts when she loads a post. As a mum of two children on the autism spectrum, and suffering herself from a physically incapactiating joint syndrom (read more here about ALS), she's truly inspiring.

Veronica doesn't pretend days are rosy when they are crap. But she attacks problems head-on when they arise, with insight and humour and honesty. She has wisdom beyond her years, this young mama. And here she is:

Who are your small people? :

My small people are Amy, who is 4 and Isaac, who is 2. Isaac has been diagnosed with autism and we're waiting on a diagnosis of aspergers for Amy.

Perhaps an impossible question to address in 25 words or less, but how do you think motherhood has changed you as a person?

It's made me infinitely more and less patient, in equal measure. It's also changed my perspective. Nothing is black and white, we're all shades of grey.

How do you think blogging impacts on your parenting?

I definitely spend more time online, but on the same hand, I'm earning money and doing something solely for myself, which is great for my sanity. I am certainly more time poor when I am putting energy into social media, than when I wasn't blogging. I am also saner.

What are your most joyful times with the kids?

I love warm days when we can all be outside in the garden together. Or snuggling under warm blankets with books.

How do you manage the frustration of life with tiny people?

I don't manage it well at all. Having children on the spectrum adds an element to my frustration that is hard to articulate. It's like we're all speaking a different language sometimes and I have to remember that while Amy has great speech, her understanding can be flawed.

One family story that you love to tell? I honestly can't think of anything that stands out! Most of my family stories end up on my blog, which means they rattle around inside my head less often.


  1. A gorgeous picture and a great post!

  2. really loving this week of mamas. great to get to see others through others eyes.

    jill x

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me!


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