Monday, May 9, 2011

Week O'Mama's: Sal

Mothers Day at Mogantosh land was lovely. But over in one day! Hmmph.

Not here it isn't. Some of you might remember that last year over Mothers Day I ran a little series of interviews with some mamas of the blogosphere whom I find inspiring and uplifting.

This year, I feel even more drawn to stories about how we do this thing we do. (Incidentally, some of you have worried about my cryptic messages of late. I'm sorry. There's a sick baby in the family. It's not my story to tell, but it is affecting me deeply, and I try to be as honest in this space as I can. Thanks for your kindness.)

If you don't know the blog Georgie Love, it's my pleasure to share it with you. Georgie Love, run by Sally, is a beautiful handmade online gift emporium, and I know first hand how gorgeous her sensibility is, because out of the blue once, as I was deep in some parenting crisis, Sal sent me a package full of delights. It still ranks as one of my most wonderful and surprising moments in life. Unexpected love, right when I needed it.

Sal writes about her business and her life with wit, charm and honesty. And here she is, in all her cuteness:

Who are your small people?

Ruby Winter Rock who is about 2.5 and mystery baby-bean girl who is due in 9 weeks. The name debate continues.

Perhaps an impossible question to address in 25 words or less, but how do you think motherhood has changed you as a person?

Oh goodness, where does one start, I don't think anyone could predict how much parenting will change them, you really have no idea of the impact before you having small people. For me though, I think most noticeably parenting has softened me significantly. I had an odd little upbringing where emotions were mocked and ridiculed, so for a looooong time I had a lot of trouble with emotional intimacy, and basically anything to do with emotions. DrMr has this "great" quote from very early in our relationship where I declared that I "don't want to talk about the past.... or the future... or the present". Poor DrMr and anyone else who has ever attempted a romantic relationship with me. Having Ruby changed all of that in an instant, it really healed a lot of broken parts in me, made me very vulnerable and opened me to more of everything in life. It's been nothing but positive. Having kids also makes me respect and understand people who choose not to have kids, but for me - I wouldn't change our decision to. I am a much better, happier, more patient, lucky and time-poor person.

How do you think blogging impacts on your parenting?

I used to specifically blog about Georgie Love and you can see that pretty much turn on the head of a pin when we found out about Rubes (a surprise!). I never really thought I would have kids, I honestly didn't think I would ever be that lucky, or perhaps that it would be in my future. I blog a lot about parenting and life, and if I have things that are troubling me, parenting questions or advice needed, it's the first place I go to for answers. I really feel the sense of community in the blogging world and I have been lucky enough to have made some awesome friends from it too.

What are your most joyful times with the kids?

There are so many, I think each age gets better as their little personalities develop and reveal themselves. I think it's things like quiet, sleepy cuddles, and the random things - Rube's passion about wearing comfy pants and wanting to wear her pajamas (snuggle suits we call them) EVERYWHERE, her obsessions and special collections (rocks, sticks, coins, ducks and birthday candles). Most, most, most of all, when it's all of us 3.5 together - I feel that sense of family really keenly, us against the world, my little and most loved people . It's my place where I am most happy and most belong.

How do you manage the frustration of life with tiny people?

Oh man. I don't know if we are in the middle of the terrible twos or threes, but goodness we have had some crappy days of late. After one of those days and we are having a cuddle at the end of the day, I try and talk to Rubes about why Mummy was cross during the day, that we need to try and do better listening or whatever - that it's ok for her or I to be cross, but we need to balance it with being happy too. And then approach each day fresh, unmarred by a bad one before and see what the day will bring - take each tantrum or act of random craziness as they come.

Do you have one family story that you love to tell?

This is the question I found the hardest! Rubes does odd little things that make me laugh all the time, but to note one special or significant thing is really difficult. I think the thing that most fascinates me at the moment is how different each pregnancy has been, and how little personalities are already revealing themselves. Rubes was breech throughout the whole pregnancy, she was turned manually, she never engaged and I was induced for her to come out - which is kind of just her, she is obsessed with being comfortable, from her very first breath everything had to be just how she wanted it, or there would be dire consequences. With this one, she is super restless and won't stop moving, her head is already down and ready to go, impatient to come out and get on with it all. Completely different. Two very different kind of handfuls.


  1. Nice to meet the face behind the space. Hi, Sally!

  2. How great to read this Sally! I feel the same when it is Busy Chef and I all together I feel a sense of completeness I could never have imagined. So nice to read more about you and good luck with the birth. ( and thank you and good luck to you to mama mogantosh)


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