Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week O'Mama's: Jodi

Today's mama is Jodi, a writer, birth educator and yoga teacher from the NSW North Coast. It's a location as idyllic as her life sometimes seems. I think this might be because Jodi has a knack for finding the beauty in the everyday moments of life, and her blogging voice is gentle and wise. If you don't already read Che and Fidel, check it out. It's luvverly.

She's a bit easy on the eye too.

Here's Jodi:

Who are your small people?

Che is 3.5 and I'm currently growing a baby, due mid-winter.

Perhaps an impossible question to address in 25 words or less, but how do you think motherhood has changed you as a person?

I now know what it means to surrender and hence I understand the absolute meaning of love.

How do you think blogging impacts on your parenting?

I only started blogging when I became a muma. It's had a huge impact on the way I view my role as mother and also, on my view of the world. It's all too easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of daily tasks that arise with children but through blogging I have learnt to be grateful for the little, everyday things. Daily expressions of gratitude are essential to my wellbeing, my happiness. I hardly ever used a camera before blogging either but looking through the lens has encouraged me to see the beauty in simplicity - a bunch of blooms, a freshly laundered pile of baby clothes, a present tied with string. Connection with other women has been the biggest and best blogging surprise. I'm so inspired and encouraged by the tales of parenting that are posted on the web; I especially appreciate the honesty imbued within some blogs.

What are your most joyful times with the kids?

Joyful: breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cuddling, exploring, sharing meals. But mostly, the conversations I have with Che; it's like I get to see the world through his eyes sometimes and that is just so precious.

How do you manage the frustration of life with tiny people?

I teach yoga and I understand the importance of releasing frustration. My partner Daniel is an amazing Dad and I learn from him every day - he's great with the reasoning, discussing and discipline side of parenting. Often when I'm frustrated as a mother it's got more to do with me than with Che. When I come to realize this I literally remove myself from the situation. A shower is good, a cup of tea always works and when all else fails I go to a yoga class or book a pedicure.

One family story that you love to tell?

I tell this story to expectant couples when I teach birth workshops and the dads love to hear it. Moments after birthing Che I was holding him and he was crying. I was tying to calm him with my words but because of all the adrenalin in my body my voice was quite high pitched and he didn't recognise my words. Daniel came and stood beside me, he leant over, looked at Che and said: "hey mate." In that instant Che stopped crying, looked into daniel's eyes and recognized his Dad. Our midwife caught it on camera - proof that babies in utero learn the voices of those close to their muma.

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  1. She's gorgeous. I'm so loving watching this amazing pregnancy of hers. Kellie xx


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