Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Sweet Autumn Morning

We've been away for a few days with Mum and Dad while Keith is in Singapore communing with the braniacs. Yesterday we spent the morning in the park.

Teddy wore his silver dancing shoes.

We scoffed some sweet treats from the bakery.

Ivy practiced her mad photography skills on Mummy (and Plummy.)

Then she invented an excellent new swinging game. You twist your brother up...

Twist him higher...

And let him fly!

Then we took a scenic meander home along the fencelines.

And stopped for a quick hug in the Autumn leaves.

The Week O'Mama's returns tomorrow. xx


  1. oh, your kids are darling and so stylish! I like your hats!

  2. What a gallery of gorgeous.

    We're home now. We took the most direct route from Canberra, which didn't get us anywhere near cups of tea with Plummy-Mummies, unfortunately.

    Next time. I'll bring the Turkish Delight. xxx


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