Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Creative Space: Ivy's Bedroom

Folks, I'm nesting. Nesting and cooking. Nesting and cooking and gestating. That's where all my creative juices are flowing at the minute. A kind friend is donating a little bed for the T-Bone, and this weekend, I hope, we're moving him into Ivy's room for some fun bedroom-sharey times.

It's taken me a while to pull this kids room together, keeping in mind that it will be shared by Ted and Ivy for a few years, and maybe Plum too. This wall is painted in Ivy's fave green (thank Dog, done before she entered the current land of all-pink-all-the-time) and covered in framed family photos, treasured books and small artworks.

The quotation on the wall is from German philosopher Goethe and reads 'Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.' Inspiring words, I think. If only I could apply them to sorting out the kitchen cupboards.

The kids book collection is below, along with Ivy's genie lamp and her changing set of treasures and collections. This filing cabinet has to live in here, so we flip it to face the wall safely, and I painted it with blackboard paint to give it some life. Ivy and Ted both like to sit quietly and scribble here.

It's a small room, so little toddler beds are perfect. This one I bought on Ebay for 99 cents! The beautiful crocheted rug was made by a ninety-year-old nun in my aunty's convent, and the space just about fits all of Ivy's many, many friends.

It's good for jumping too.

This weekend, out goes the cabinet and the bookshelf, and in goes another bed. When we have some cash, I'll add ceiling stars and planets, a big clock, and eventually, this beautiful cushion. I think they will have an absolute blast together, but in the short term, I'm nervous. Into this near-schoolgirls space goeth the Tedmeister, who is deep into a phase of toddler independence/lunacy. I'm optimistic! Lots more creative spaces to explore over here.


  1. Ooh, I love that room! LOVE it! Absolutely everything: the color of the wall, the pictures and artwork, the books, the chalkboard cabinet with your confession of love... And your children are great, btw! Am already looking forward to stories of the two sharing a room.


  2. Mummy loves Ivy. And chocolate. Zigsma loves that!

  3. What a great room... love the wall colour, the odd pictures and the Quote.. it looks really gorgeous!! :D

  4. what a gorgeous artistic bedroom for a child. great i love it. x

  5. love it! almost the colour you painted your mums room too:) love the quote and pics...good luck with the sharing...works for most families i know...take care

  6. Oh, Rach, you've gone and made me miss nesting. Get back, woman! And take your hormones with you! (It's lovely, BTW. And Goethe for kids is not only inspiring, but inspired. Rock on.)

    Feel good...

  7. Love the bedroom! Hope you are feeling okay - have just found your blog! Is this number three you are expecting?

    Rach @ Squiggly Rainbow xx


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