Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cuppy's In Love

Today is sad. It is, I have decided, a good day to find the small joys of life.

This morning, I saw Cuppy.

About a year ago I started noticing a man walking the coast road at the same time we drove it in the morning, headed to pre-school, swimming, shopping. He was hard to miss because he was very overweight and he wore remarkably tight shorts. I say 'shorts' but really 'teeny-weeny trunks' is more accurate. His own view of them was likely obscured by what Kathy Lette calls the 'verandah over the toyshop' but every morning I was getting an eyeful of to put this delicately.... his twig and berries? Frank and beans? Meat and potatoes? They were encased in snug cotton and in my own head, I started to call him 'Cuppy.'

Days passed, and Cuppy kept walking. Every day he wore his little trunks. He was obviously on a health kick, and I started to point him out to the kids.

Days turned into weeks, and I began to sing a song about Cuppy when we spotted him. It was set to the classic 80's tune of 'Chuck E's in Love.' The kids would sing along, and when Keith happened to be with us one day he invented the Cuppy Cup, where the first one to spot Cuppy won a prize.

Cuppy's shorts got worn out. He wears a new pair now, but he's still walking, and he's lost a ton of weight. I am so proud of Cuppy, I could cry. But there have been a few too many tears lately. So instead, I give you Cuppy's Song. Months ago, we recorded it for posterity. I've never posted this little video because I try hard in life to create the illusion that I am not a giant nob, and this clip proves otherwise.

But today, today is a good day for Cuppy's song.


  1. And she can sing too! Another talent Missus. And I reckon you were holding back. Applause for the happy song. Huggles for the sadness xo

  2. Woo hoo, you go girl! Go cuppy!

  3. Ah, you are awesome.

    I hope the sad thing is small and temporary. Sending good thoughts in case it's not. x

  4. and Ivy cakes can sing too:)) big smiles in the sadness. thanks for sharing, love you! xx

  5. Thinking of you Rach. Sending you love. xxx

  6. What Lexi said.
    If anything can come from today's sadness, I hope it's the beginning of healing. xxx

  7. Thinking of all your family right now.

  8. Encore to the song and a gentle handsqueeze for the sadness. Bx


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