Monday, April 25, 2011

When Stressed: Nest.

These last few weeks have been tinged with much sadness and worry for our family. Your words of support and kindness on my last post were so touching to me. Especially meaningful because I was holed way up in my lady cave when I wrote, really intending only to explain why our usual wacky tales and pics of everyday life didn't feel true. Unexpected comfort came from my ladies of the interweb. Thanks to all of you.

When something goes wrong, something you cannot fix or help, what can you do...but nest. Clean. Sort. Manage what you can.

I've been emptying boxes, clearing cupboards, washing woolies, and piling an obscenely large crap mountain ready for the op shop. I had great plans for the scary kitchen cupboards too...but was thwarted by the car radiator blowing up. Imagine my joy!

Otherwise, we're OK. Keith, Ted and Ivy are full of beans. Plum backflips with joy every time I administer some medicinal Turkish Delight, but sciatica and hip pain is making me a bit miserable.

In a side-note, my second story for is running today. It's all about the wild ride that is life with a three-year-old. If you have time to comment on their site, it's an easy system - no registering or other crap required.

Thanks again, my friends.



  1. Poor mama. I had similar troubles with my third pregnancy. Walking was a problem towards the end. Just rest, and nest. x

  2. You probably already know this but acupuncture for sciatica is a winner.

    I have been chucking out too- took four garbage bags of clothes to vinnies today. Feel so cleansed.

    I hope your sadness is drifting farther away.

  3. I am exactly the same, I nest. I clean, I blitz, I declutter. It helps. I don't know exactly why, but it helps.

    I'm sorry to find you down. I haven't read your previous post (and I'm a little scared to, but I'm going). x

  4. Your comment made me burst out laughing, hope you are doing well.x

  5. More resting, less nesting!

    The life with a three year old story was just what i needed. Love your way with words.


  6. I hope you start to feel better soon. Nesting only gets you so far. x

  7. Today must be my lucky day! Due to some radom blog hopping I ended up on Babble - a site I had never heard of - and found your lovely article about life with a 3 year old. My daughter turned 3 in March and I was quite unprepared for the roller coaster ride this age would be. Your writing was truthful, witty and reminded once again that I am not the only one on this wild 3 year ride. Thanks

  8. we are simultaneously nesting. It feels good, doesn't it. Take good care of yourself and that sciatics. Yes, acupuncture is great for it, yoga too. Let me know if you need any yoga advice x

  9. So glad to hear there are beans and backflips and Babble. But boo to the backpain. Bx


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