Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Mess With Pirate Teddy.

I'm off to Sydney tomorrow to spend some time with the family. Leaving behind the K-Dog, Ivy and her ubiquitous 'workbook', and Ted, who's lately taken to carrying a 'pirate handbag'.

I think this is because his only frame of pirate reference is Captain Feathersword, who likes to tickle his acquaintances with a giant pink feather. I think the Wiggles will have a lot of damn explaining to do in future years should Ted's generation of youngsters find themselves on the Somalian high seas.

I'm checking out for a few days.

Happy weekending to you all.


  1. That photo made me laugh.

    Have fun!

  2. Dear Teddy!

    I threw all our Wiggles videos and DVDs in the bin one day because I thought they did more harm than good! We haven't missed them! Go on.

  3. Safe travels Rach, and hugs to the family xx

  4. I always carry a Pirate Handbag. Teddy is right on. (As usual.)Enjoy your free-as-a-bird holiday...

  5. ROFL! I love his pirate handbag! Every pirate should have one. Don't you just LOVE the creativity of our children!?

    Enjoy your time in Sydney. x


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