Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Mess With Pirate Teddy.

I'm off to Sydney tomorrow to spend some time with the family. Leaving behind the K-Dog, Ivy and her ubiquitous 'workbook', and Ted, who's lately taken to carrying a 'pirate handbag'.

I think this is because his only frame of pirate reference is Captain Feathersword, who likes to tickle his acquaintances with a giant pink feather. I think the Wiggles will have a lot of damn explaining to do in future years should Ted's generation of youngsters find themselves on the Somalian high seas.

I'm checking out for a few days.

Happy weekending to you all.

Monday, April 25, 2011

When Stressed: Nest.

These last few weeks have been tinged with much sadness and worry for our family. Your words of support and kindness on my last post were so touching to me. Especially meaningful because I was holed way up in my lady cave when I wrote, really intending only to explain why our usual wacky tales and pics of everyday life didn't feel true. Unexpected comfort came from my ladies of the interweb. Thanks to all of you.

When something goes wrong, something you cannot fix or help, what can you do...but nest. Clean. Sort. Manage what you can.

I've been emptying boxes, clearing cupboards, washing woolies, and piling an obscenely large crap mountain ready for the op shop. I had great plans for the scary kitchen cupboards too...but was thwarted by the car radiator blowing up. Imagine my joy!

Otherwise, we're OK. Keith, Ted and Ivy are full of beans. Plum backflips with joy every time I administer some medicinal Turkish Delight, but sciatica and hip pain is making me a bit miserable.

In a side-note, my second story for is running today. It's all about the wild ride that is life with a three-year-old. If you have time to comment on their site, it's an easy system - no registering or other crap required.

Thanks again, my friends.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sadness. Sciatica. Sinusitis.

Times are a little tough right now. Things too private to talk much about in this public space. I will be back to posting soon but in the meantime, love to you all. x

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Bum Is Doing Something.

Hello, my friends!

We are still here.

Recent good times have included the following.

Bright lights. Big city.

Seaside Festival. A little rest and a bratwurst after viewing local medieval power-metal band Knight Quest. My personal highlight.

Plum is growing.

And Ivy has been practicing some maths in the autumn sunshine.

Is life. Is busy!

A quick report.

Ivy has been taking her cute pills. Four, I tell you, four is the greatest age. The tantrum count is very low. The conversation is fascinating. And the eccentric-o-meter is still spiking off the chart in the best of ways. Ivy can barely fit inside her bed with all the boxes of treasure she must store there. Jars of rocks. Handbags full of coins. Random collections of absurd curios.

We have been reading Little House on The Prairie and she has become obsessed with the notion of butchering a pig (sorry vegans.)

Ted's crazy two-year-oldness is receding, although he is still chucking some mammoth wobblies and waking us a lot at night with lunatic demands. Potty training is not progressing, despite the application of Wiggles underpants and dinosaur shaped wee-treats. Teddy, a constant chatterer, can verbally describe all elements of toileting and yet the practical apsects of the process are beyond him. Sporting his Wiggles underpants while the neighbours were over last weekend, he was heard to comment thoughtfully to himself 'My bum is doing something...' before a foul odour penetrated the gathering.

Unfortunately, a giant bag of hand-me-down toys yesterday contained some hidden bombs that resulted in Ted waving a giant Aussie flag and Ivy sporting pink plastic high heedls and clutching a sequinned Beanie Baby with the heart-warming legend SPOILED! across its plush, sequinned chest. Keith and I have called it Hot Mess. And Hot Mess will be disappeared.

Keith's work is going well, and soccer season has begun, so twice a week he limps painfully into the house before wrapping some part of his body in ice and announcing 'Life is fantastic!'

Plum is gestating away like a champion, rolling and kicking in the little jumping castle constantly. My 20-week scan went fine last week, and I'm feeling great, although still pretty tired. Spending two hours a night on the couch watching cooking programs and docos on IView while ingesting obscene amounts of Turkish Delight seems to be helping me through.

I am feeling very aware of our blessed time in the sun right now, with healthy children, a happy relationship and no significant troubles upon us. Friends and family very dear to us are struggling with sickness and worry. A thousand joys and a thousand sorrows, goes the Korean proverb on life. We are having our thousand joys, and others their sorrows. My heart goes out to them.