Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silver Linings

I've been a little absent from this space. A bit overwhelmed with life, to be honest. Ted is two. I forgot that Two is tough. It's tough on the family and on the two-year-old experiencing all the frustration and pain of conflicting desires for independence and closeness.

When Ted isn't speaking in his hilarious, over-complicated language (this is my bear which is yellow which is my favourite colour which is not Ivy's favourite colour which is green...) he is hugging my neck with desperate passion, or running away at top speed, or crying bitterly in Time Out, or flinging at us his greatest insult: 'You are bum!'

I'm feeling pretty buggered by the intense parenting required to manage an incontinent lunatic, while at the same time helping another human grow a brain-stem, and the urge to whinge is overwhelming. I'm tired and I'm guilty about my pathetic parenting of late; featuring much of the ironic and hopeless technique: STOP SHOUTING, YOU TWO! STOP SHOUTING! STOP SHOUTING!

Instead, I'd rather take a minute to remember the sweet moments. I need reminding. And my lovely friend and beautiful photographer Shirin took some photos on the weekend to help me.

  • Yesterday the kids invented a carrot orchestra in the back seat on the way to swimming. In the rear-view mirror I watched their matching, intense expressions as they rocked their instruments and I shouted 'Blow, cats! Blow!'
  • At some point in the day, of late, without fail, Keith says 'Ah, every day, life just gets better, doesn't it?'
  • Plum has started kicking me. This fills me with joy as I imagine our little mango-sized fella swimming around and I feel that sweet sense of you-and-mama-against-the-world developing.
  • Ivy has started calling people mud-chickens. We've just figured out she means 'munchkins'.
The end.


  1. You are no bum mum. But no wonder you're tired! And nuts to hearing two is tough ... I'm flailing at 17 months. Kellie xx

  2. You're an ace Mum. Your bright vivacious entertaining mud-chickens speak volumes to that.

    Hooray for the kicks.


  3. Great photos.
    Being pregnant and mumming to two at home is no picnic. But it makes you stronger. You are making a family!! There's going to be some sh*t, piss and shouting every once in a while. You gotta do what you gotta do. It's obvious you're a loving, funny, smart mama and you're doing all you can. No one would ask for more.

  4. I can only take my hat, and every other item of clothes off to you (lucky for you I live on the other side of the globe), congratulate you for still managing to speak in sentences, say a little huzzah for silver linings and remind you of the chocolate principle. Three's a charm. Bx

  5. Your blog must have very strong seams, to hold all the gorgeous in.

  6. TWO causes marriage stress I reckon. It is hard- everyone is cranky, but as you know it gets better. We all think we are shit mothers at one point during the day I reckon... sometimes several points... hold onto Keith and have a little cry.

  7. Two (if you'll pardon the indelicacy) sucks. It's also my favorite age. Go figure.

    Hang tough,'re doing great, and it's no easy job.


  8. And "mud-chickens" will be entering my lexicon in about three minutes. Love.

  9. Cooper is in love with Liv "she has stippytake on her undies and climbs trees like a boy spiderman"
    that's my latest piece of beautiful .....


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