Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is Ivy a Secret Wiccan?

Things she has stored under her bed recently:

1. The big toenail that fell off Teddy's injured foot.
2. A dead caterpillar stored in a Tupperware container.
3. A small bowl of sea salt.


  1. I'd start to worry when it's YOUR nail clippings you find.

  2. Either that or she's practicing for Iron Chef...

  3. Better than 6 months worth of uneaten school lunches, which is what I once found under my eldest sons bed!
    And at least the caterpillar was stored in tupperware.

  4. we prefer to call these kinds of things "treasure". Busys' current treasure is...wait for it... a dead dried out baby snake. Seriously. We have convinced it is better in a ziplock bag, and she found it when it was laready dried out. To her it is amazing. It is her "treasure"

  5. Pirate booty....definitely pirate booty.

  6. awesome. sound like the type of stuff i find in my boys mouth.


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