Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodbye Trixie-Jeff. Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Bum On Your Way Out.

We're no strangers to multiple personalities in this house. I know who Ivy wants me to play in her daily theatre by the name she calls me. 'Excuse me, Miss Bucket,' she'll say, which means I must say 'Yes, Charlie?' If I'm called Mouldy, she's Milla. If I'm Robbie Rotten, she's Stephanie. Etc, etc.

Teddy is the same age that Ivy began her career in the theatrical arts. At two, she started insisting her name was Hairy Maclary, barking at strangers and addressing baby Ted as Schnitzel Von Krumm.

So far Ted has been pretty happy with the handle we gave him, but about two weeks ago, he started to go Method. One day our easygoing little fella began demanding he was addressed as Trixie. Trixie was a little difficult. But this week Trixie became Trixie-Jeff, and Trixie-Jeff was a shocker. A whingey, demanding, obstreperous diva. No matter the question: more toast, Ted? Ready to go? Need a hand with that? - the answer was the same. No! But I'm Trixie-Jeff! But no! (and once, even: 'No! But I'm Trixie-Jeff! And I dot a fruity poo-bum!')

Last night at dinner, Teddy suddenly made an announcement. 'I Teddy again!' Keith and I erupted in spontaneous applause. There may have been a tear or two. Or three.

Ted is back; our smiley, dancing yes-man. Trixie-Jeff has left the building. We can only pray it's permanent.


  1. But I love that name! Can you at least call your next bub Trixie-Jeff? It covers all the bases...

  2. it's a bit unfair that you got TWO method actors/dreamers. this next one is going to be a total accountant.. xx

  3. I'm suspicious. Are you sure it was Method? Or could it have been some kind of possession / self-exorcism?

  4. Did Trixie-Jeff leave his leather chaps by any chance? I'd really love to try them on, Lorelei.


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