Monday, February 28, 2011

Project Monday - Volcanos

By the end of last week I was a bit of a wreck. Keith caught a terrible death flu-gastro-tonsillitis combo that had him vomiting, feverish, bloodshot and confined to bed. Ted (or Trixie-Jeff, as he now insists on being addressed. Trixie-Jeff, dog save us) came down with a bad case of the night-naughties. Flying visits to Sydney, weekend guests. Many good things along with the bad, but just too many things. The tank ran dry by last night. I felt exhausted.

Today Keith is better and back out to his caravan. I decided to slow things down and get some happy house-time happening. I made it to hydrotherapy to warm the old bones early this morning, and then I put my crafty hat on. Ivy has been talking about volcanoes for a few days and the Internet read my mind and made clever Jean from The Artful Parent post about a volcano-making project she did with her daughter.

So we mixed up some green play-dough, put the gum boots on over the PJs and went on a nature walk with the collecting bags to find some volcano props.

Me, I took my own prop.

We built a leafy dino-land.

Teddy will eat anything.

Then we tried to erupt it. Keith even came out of his van for the big explosion.

Hmmm. Fat failure. Keith went back to the van. But we regrouped, thought like scientists, rebuilt with a smaller, fatter volcano, and:



  1. the night naughties love it , well I dont actually i loathe it but great name for it lots and lots of night naughties around here of late, 3 am wake ups fighting to get back to sleep make it at 5.30 only to have my big girl wake at 5.40. Bllleeeerrgh

    Great volcano!

    Hope all the other eruptions (vomiting etc) cease

  2. the volcano: so messy, so good. The virus and night naughties: awful. Your two cuties are adorable. Hope the little plum is treating you well :)


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