Friday, February 4, 2011

In Which I Shut Up And Ivy Makes The Dinner.

In December, I dropped and broke our camera and I haven't yet replaced it. Funds are low but I'm looking for a digital camera with video that has some sort of fun tinkery aspect rather than a straight point and shoot. Maybe second-hand. Any advice gratefully received.

Any the how, our summer has gone largely unrecorded and this blog has gotten very wordy. I'm sick of myself. My, kids say the darndest things. Haven't done the washing-up. Ooh my pants fell down! Etc.

So as a little relief, here is a small series of Ivy making dinner in early summer.

Start with your little tomatoes. Eat a few, arrange a few...

Drizzle. For shizzle.

Grating cheese is totally exciting!

Still, sometimes it ends with Band-Aids (the chef's badge o'glory.)

Mix up a few Ribena mocktails.

And dinner is served!

This last photo really makes me laugh. For ages we were all perched around the kids table while the dining table held up some work-in-progress in the corner. Now it's back - no photos, so I can't prove it - but we're sitting around a big persons table like proper grown-ups.

Happy weekend, everybody.


  1. Happy weekend to you too! Auden loves grating cheese two and always ends up with some kind of band aid festival afterwards.

  2. Love the Ivy cooking post and she and Matilda remind me more of each other very day! congratulations on making it to 100 followers. That deserves a party. We will be down in a few weeks. Just getting work up and running for the year. An Autumn catch up at yours be brilliant though. Love and huggies, Lisa and Tild xxoo

  3. We huddle around the kid table too! Hoping to change that before my 4mth old uses a high chair or he will tower over us all.


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