Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hippie Fail

Friends, I have stumbled along the crunchy road to Green Heaven.

Today I bought shampoo and washed my hair.

It felt so good, and yet... so sad.

I haven't used shampoo for nearly six months. Keith hasn't washed his hair with shampoo for a couple of years now, and I've been meaning forever to do the experiment too.

Sodium laurel sulphate, the foaming agent in shampoo, is the work of the devil's chemist. And the argument goes that the oil-stripping-oil-replacing cycle of shampoo and conditioner just ruins the natural method by which your scalp can clean and regulate it's oils.

When you go no-poo, every week , or few days, you scrub your scalp with bicarb soda and then rinse with apple cider vinegar (oh, the glamour.) It's supposed to take up to eight weeks for your hair to regain it's natural mojo. There are a lot of people that argue that after this settling -in period, their hair is softer, cleaner and nicer than before.

But I think my hair is a bad hippie. It's been forever. And I can't wear it out. It just looked feral. It wasn't smelly, or probably that noticeable screwed back in a sort of topknot, but left out, it looked terrible.

I hit the wall today. I'm pregnant, I'm pale, I need a leg wax. At least, I need some good hair, dagnammit.

So I bought shampoo - sulphate free, which makes me happy.

And I washed my hair.

Please don't judge me.


  1. Judge? You lasted 6 months without a hairwash... there is no judgement here! I use Moo Goo for all my hair washing requirements. It's beautiful.

    Happy hair days to you, Mama Mo. x

  2. Oh my goodness! You are PREGNANT! Seriously where have I been? Congratulations you clever things you. Woo HOO CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. there must be options available, goats milk soap, or something. A hot shower and washing my hair is my daily luxury, I could never give it up.

  4. No judgment here, good on you for giving it a go! (and congrats on the pregnancy.)

  5. I went over a year without using shampoo and it was fine when I had short hair, but when I started wearing it long things turned really ugly. Shame.

  6. Pregnant with 2 kids under 5, I am in awe that you manage to get your hair in a top knot, let alone both kids fed anything that requires more than 3 steps in preparation. You are my HERO.

  7. What ever makes you feel good. There will be time for you to give the experiment ago again in the future - in fact I bet it will happen all by itself when Plum arrives - you'll be too busy to shampoo your hair and too dazed to notice. Feeling good then might very well be about wearing a t-shirt that isn't covered in baby spew and poo and leaving the house remembering to put breast pads in so that you're not walking down the street with leaking boobs! ;)

  8. I teetered on the edge of giving up shampoo - I even bought the apple cider vinegar and stocked up on bicarb. Then I got pregnant and never felt quite up to starting, and I realised that nice shampoo is one of those tactile things that I really enjoy. Alchemy shampoo isn't full of nasty chemicals and it smells gorgeous.

    Being sustainable needn't be hairshirty - focus on what suits you and your family and what you enjoy. Just so long as you're not using shampoo made from ground-up endangered species, it's hardly a cardinal environmental sin :)


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