Sunday, February 6, 2011

Come Back, Dr Freud, All Is Forgiven

The heatwave broke today. Actually, it's been pretty fun, with lots of water fights and icy-poles and cold showers and trips to the pool and frosty watermelon.

I'm feeling better, and Keith has had a great first week as head honcho of Lone Wolf Enterprises. Ivy, too, has been so well behaved. It's because she's obsessed with Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and will only answer when addressed as 'Charlie Bucket.' She calls me 'Miss Bucket' and Keith 'Grandpa Joe.' Because Charlie is the 'good boy', and Ivy is totally Method, as long as I remain in character as Miss Bucket, she is obedient and sweetly-spoken. But as soon as she forgets she's being Charlie, she throws a dramatic wobbly because her Band-Aid fell off or a dog looked at her funny.

Tonight at dinner we had a long chat to Charlie (who has decided to live at our house for five days) about his friend Ivy. Ivy is good some of the time, Charlie says, but naughty a lot. Ivy likes Star Wars, Charlie said, and when they play Star Wars together, Charlie is always Princess Leia and Ivy is always Luke Skywalker.

Confused? Welcome to the psychedelic wonderland of Ivy's head.

Ted, meanwhile is still refusing to get his head around the potty thing and has taken to wandering the house wagging his finger and chanting 'Bibbity bobbety boo. Never do a poo.'

Paging Dr Freud?


  1. Oh I can't stand Star Wars, Charlie can stay, the rest would have to go!

    Not Miss Ivy of course, her imagnation could entertain me for hours.

  2. What a gal! I'm incredulous that she has been able to handle that movie at her young age - though I am making assumptions here, you may have only read her the book. My boy is 5 and a half and he's frightened of that movie...

  3. Glad it's a bit cooler...and that Ivy's enjoying the wacky world of Mr. Dahl. Hold off on The Vicar of Nibbleswicke for a couple of years, though...

  4. I love Ivy's imagination. She's a child genius. If only we retained even half of that when we were adults, life would be infinitely more interesting.

    As for Ted's aversion to the poo, man you make me laugh. Love love love the little troupes in your household. And the bigs too. x


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