Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thank You

Today I'm feeling grateful.

Grateful for good friends who take the kids under their warm and affectionate wings, feeding and cuddling them so I can rest.

Grateful for doctor buddies who are always on the other end of the phone if I find myself weeping in a car park.

Grateful for blogging friends who send kindness and support across the intertubes.

Grateful for codeine.

Grateful for a Mum and Dad who'll travel the countryside in their camper-van visiting daughters in need.

And above all, grateful for partners like Keith who pick up all the balls I drop on a week like this last one; taking over all the late-night kidwork, the cooking, the washing, the clutter-bombs, the squabble-wrangling; and bringing cups of tea, raisin toast and reassurance that everything will be OK.

Thanks, everybody.



  1. Lucky, lucky girl. Hang in there...

  2. I'd say you deserve it, you're ace! Rest up. Hope you fell much much better soon.

  3. It's karma woman, pure and simple. You are deserving.

    Tea and raisin toast - yum! Throw in a bowl of (still-addicted-to) cereal and you not only have the world's best comfort food, but breakfast as well :)

    Huggles x

  4. Rach I'm so sorry to hear about this. Back stuff is awful scary shit. Thinking of you and really hope things get better.

    But in the meantime tea and raisin toast and two cute as pie kids is not a bad thing. Oh and a Keith. Where do i get one of those from?

    Happy 2011, hope it brings you some well deserved back health. xxx

  5. Rach, I love reading your Blogg and you are super mum.. I swear.. I dont know how you do it.. huge kudos to you.. Hope you are feeling better too ... Dee xx PS Raisin toast and tea is the best. I swear it could solve the worlds problems at times. :)

  6. I am only just catching up on your blog and send you lots of love and healing. Arrg, nothing harder than trying to be a mummy and look after yourself, especially your back. Hang in there and I hope it gets better soon. Love to you and all your family. x

  7. Angel girl, terrible to hear about the chronics getting worse. I wish you a few more years of feeling totally invincible, followed by brilliant non addictive opiates, kiddy smiles and laughter (from the next room where they are looked after by a wonderful caregiver who is almost as cool as you.


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