Monday, January 31, 2011

Steaming Slowly

First day of New System over, and all seemed to go well, although we've been slammed with a filthy heatwave, and Keith spends his working day inside a derelict caravan on the driveway. He's sitting in a little tin sauna. But at least we can ferry him out the occasional mercy icy-pole.

I think life will be good. Different good. For instance last week I left a joke message on Keith's work voicemail in a Kath and Kim accent, offering to give his latex underpants a press before our partner yoga-lates class. All standard nobby spouse-comedy, except that the waitress in my favourite cafe overheard me and gave a brief look of pity mixed with revulsion before she quickly re-arranged her features into a default bored, disdainful mode.

That won't happen any more at least.

The kids and I sweltered today. No air-con at the ranch. We ate watermelon and icy-poles, they jumped in and out of a cold bath, and we played a game on the deck we called 'Hello, Tippo' where we threw buckets of water on each other.

Later we had a cooking session where they helped to construct chicken schnitzel for dinner. But I'm out of hot-weather ideas. If anybody has some good gags, I'd love to hear them. The temps are going to be super-high all week.

I reversed the car into a pole at the library. Teddy is failing at potty school, big time.

And that's about it.


  1. My Ted (that's his real name ... 'Theodore' ... meaning 'gift from God', and isn't he?) was a shocker at potty training. We've taken him to a psychiatrist (for different reasons). I thought he'd be in Huggies for his 21st birthday ... I used to skid across the wooden floorboards during my potty-training escapades with him - having stepped in either his faeces or urine ... (I could make the length of the house in about 2 seconds thanks to his bodily fluids).

    And then one day, he took himself off to the toilet when his psycho-self decided he was ready, and now we've never looked back. I look back though, with a turned head, while I'm cleaning the toilet he uses because he wees in inaccesible places and the pungent stench is eye-watering.

  2. Well. What do you know? I too, backed into a stationary object today, rach. except that i was driving my mum's car, and i backed into a ute (?!). and of course, i did the right thing and left my number and name. kharma right?

  3. Go Tapas style - kiddie friendly version. I have been facing the same challenges lately; it's dinner time, the hunger goulies have taken over everyones personality but no-one can be fagged eating because it's too flippin' hot.

    And then one day, my genius fellah served up boiled eggs chopped in half, cherry tomatoes, corn cobs broken in half, haloumi cheese pieces etc. etc. all neatly arranged on a great big chopping board. The kids ate more than they usually do. Am thinking of giving up on proper meals altogether now.

  4. Agree with Leigh - make up a plate. Jack loves it when I offer to 'plate up' a plate (too much Masterchef in this household!). It's all cold stuff - ham, strawberries, cheese, crackers, carrot sticks. Minimal preparation, zero cooking, maximum satisfaction.

    A great night time cooling idea is to put wet, wrung-out sheets on your bodies under a fan. A cool way to nod off and they'll be bone dry by morning.


  5. 1. Big buckets of water
    2. An assortment of paintbrushes
    3. Shade
    4. Nudity

  6. 2 words. Splash pool. x

  7. I've backed into a pole before - numerous times, actually. Often in our own driveway...

    I'm glad you stopped by my blog as it led me to yours. I like your style! x

  8. Hi Rach,
    We are living on Frozen pineapple slushies here, cut pineapple up in small chunks & freeze, put in blender and add apple juice and mint blend away and enjoy... less juice, thicker slush. This works surprising well with frozen raspberries and basil (yes I know, I was rushing and thought it was the mint...good mistake though sweet and peppery) also have managed to fool Caspar with Frozen bananas blended with Blueberries to make dairy free icecream. He's obviously loving them as he purred "weeesecreeem" in a low dreamy voice when I went to check on him after midnight!

  9. Oh, man. I'm with Sara. Splash pool. All day. And the whole nudity thing works wonders for potty training, so call it two birds! Enjoy the New Deal...


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