Sunday, January 30, 2011

Doctor In The House.

After six years of commuting to Canberra every week for work, Keith has left his job at the university and is striking out on his own. I was nervous at first but he assured me that there is a living to be made in writing erotic historical romance.

Just kidding.

That's just his hobby.

No, he's striking out on his own. It's Lone Wolf Enterprises time. So if anybody needs a consultant in the field of characterisation and simulation of photovoltaic solar cells and modules, I can totally hook you up. His last day at the ANU was Friday, so as of Monday, the K-Dog trots out to his caravan a free man, with only the responsibilities of keeping his small family in cheese and blueberries resting on his handsome, nerdy shoulders.

It's going to be amazing having him home for dinner every night and and not tootling off for two or three days at a time. But I am a little worried. For six years I've had time on my couch every week to lie around and watch Eataholics without an audience. Minor adjustments to come, I'm sure.


  1. that is exciting- but annoying that he will be around to spy on your inactivity.

    My Mr is off work for a month! I have a long list of chores- number one priority for everyone here is finish alkatraz for chooks and reinstate chooks. ( we had them a few years ago and I can't even talk abou the ongoing fight against nature and its killers we went through) so THIS time nothing gets in and nothing gets out ( unless we let it out)
    My guilty pleasure is that show about hoarders.

  2. HI,

    while you are hiding in the pantry eating the good biscuits, i have given you an award and link today. No pressure to roll with it, but you might have visitors.

  3. Visitor here from Claire's award to you!

    I think any change to work sees major adjustments in store for the whole family - good luck with it!

  4. Oh, boy...big changes for MoganMama on the way! Good luck having the man at home more often.

  5. Cripes - this is big time exciting!!! Well done Keith, high fives all 'round.

    As for couch o'clock - that's research, right?

  6. Kudos to Keith for striking out on his own. And to you for supporting him in that decision. It's a big brave decision all round but anything that helps with work/life balance (ie. more time for family, inner happiness) gets a big thumbs up from me :)


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