Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Hello

My friend Lisa sent me this link today. I like. If I may explain myself briefly:

a. My camera is busted, and I'm slowly, surely losing the habit of recording small moments in daily life. Then I'm not reminded to write about them either. I miss it; especially since the weather has been so delightful lately, inspiring Ivy and Ted to constantly get their gear off and play the game they call Hug-Running (a game I'd like to offer as a potential key exercise in Middle East peace negotiations. )

c. Keith is still computer-less, so I don't have free access to Miz Scarlett the laptop.

b. Right now the feeding, cuddling and picking up after my little friends is taking all my available space. Life needs me for living, so I'll have to put off the record-keeping for a little bit. For instance Ivy told me her wish-list today: a walking apple, a baby made just for kids to play with and a pineapple pie. She found a dead caterpillar this morning, put it in a Tupperware container, called it I Love You and took it to bed. Teddy The Bear, meanwhile, is developing a comedic sensibility. This week he said to the fridge 'Knock knock. Who there. Dinner!'and every night he makes the same joke at the table: Ébby-body eat poo-bum!' Champagne comedy. I am so very proud.

I send you kisses and I urge you to add some Hug-Running to your life.


  1. I pinky swear to do hug-running tomorrow.

  2. 'tis the season for the broken camera me thinks!

  3. Wow, you're making poo-bum for dinner? I dream of getting fancy-arse fare like that on the table...

  4. Tell Teddy I laughed out loud at his knock-knock joke. It's better than Mitchell's "what does Santa say when you tickle him?" job.

  5. best knock knock Ive ever heard. If only dinner was just in there and didnt have to be made every night

  6. Methinks 'tis the season for sporadic blog posts. Hang in there, kid---it gets better. (And tell Mlle. Ivy I'm with her all the way on the low maintenance pet thing.)


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