Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alive and Kicking Limply

Fellas, I'm sorry I've been so silent. I don't have time to gather my thoughts right now. I hope you are all well, but I'm in the land of overwhelm this week. I'll recap Nerd-Vember for you later, but for now, it's a distant memory of a sweet, forgotten past.

Keith has gone back to work with a bang. The first week back he was gone for four days, taking my computer with him - his stupid one was busted and his pesky breadwinner status took precedence over my social networking and blog-whining.

So there I was with no husband, unending days of monsoonal rain, no radio (I can only pick up a good signal by Internet streaming), no DVD player to soothe the little monsters, I mean darlings, and none of the little mini-moments I take throughout the day to balance out what can be a crazy-making lifestyle of clutter-management and ruthless behaviour-modification-training, I mean calm and relaxed parenting.

See, even my sentences are overwrought.

I have spent this week losing my shizzle in small ways. When I packed the swimming-lesson bag last week I forgot the small but critical elements of a bra and undies for me to wear once I took off my wet cozzie. I had to put on my jeans and a light, clingy sweater with nothing underneath, and go and do the food shopping. I was flying free as a bird and it was pouring with rain. Let's just say that the small number of men who found themselves in the largely female land of Bi-Lo on a Weekday lunchtime got an unexpectedly graphic little show in the melon section.

I'm tired. I'm trying to keep organised and on top of the Christmas planning, making, shopping and list-refining. I'm hopelessly drowning in clutter as I try to simultaneously redecorate Ivy;s room, pack and sort the winter clothes, cull the toys and sew Christmas presents.

PS - A word of advice. If you have a t-shirt that reads 'always be reading something that will make you look good in case you die in the middle of it', think before throwing it on, because one of your friends will ask you and you will be forced to admit that currently you are revisiting Jackie Collins seminal work 'The Stud.'**

PPS - we have nits.

PPPS - First world problems, all. I know.

** Sorry


  1. I Hear You.

    My other half left for the UK on Dec 1 and returns on Dec 23 - large evening vinos being poured in this house, and let me tell you I *deserve* them!...

  2. great to hear from you!!! see, i did all that madness in november...and now its december im winding down:)... i want to hear whats on your christmas menu too...take care and hope the sun brings peacexx lisa and tild

  3. My partner in crime has been away two weeks in a row now, and there's more to come. It's bloody hard flying solo. Managing to say words rather than just grunt deserves a medal, or at the very least a large glass of something grapey. Hope those mini-moments come out of hiding x

  4. If I was left in a house with no electronic entertainment, two under five and monsoonal rain, I would need a lot more than Jackie Collins to get me through the long sticky nights. Think you're amazing...And we missed you.

  5. even wehn you are blog whinming as you call it you still manage to make me cackle. bummer about the hair visitors. x
    Chef suggested we buy Busy a christmas stocking I saidf no I will make one he said "can't she just have one crappy thing made in China?"

  6. seriously funny! even when not feeling it you're the cardiest card on the block xx

  7. Poor you! Hang in there, and keep combing...


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