Monday, November 15, 2010

Teddy's First Heartbreak.

Poor Teddy is suffering through his first serious loss. Yesterday his dummies all went to the fairy babies down the bottom of of the garden.

Ted's love for Pink One, Green One and Blue One was deep. Once I watched him take one dummy out of his mouth, turn to another and say lovingly 'Your turn.' His love was passionate, but non-exclusive.

He was right into the whole plan to deliver his dummies to the needy fairy babies, just like his big sister had done. 'E-scawy babies want my dummy, mama' he's been saying for a few days. Yesterday the big exchange came.

I felt a little like a heartless salesman ensnaring a hapless sap into a Ponzi scheme as I led Ted with his little bag down to the bottom of the garden. He could talk the talk, but you can see here that his understanding of the fine print of the deal he was entering was limited.


The fairy babies left Ted a present - a big blue dog with cuddly arms and legs to replace his lost plastic friends. Initially, Ted was excited by Big Dog, but when he went to bed last night, he really struggled with his loss.

He took an hour to get to sleep and he tried all his tricks, one by one. Keith and I took turns. 'I dot poo-bum, Mummy!', he tried first; then - bush-baby style: 'I dot tick, Mummy!' and finally, hopelessly: 'But I haffa watch Masterchef!' He furiously rejected our weak replacement. 'Big Dog det outa the bed!'he ordered, weeping. Finally, after a full bedside Wiggles concert, he fell asleep.

I woke him from his sleep this afternoon and he stumbled to his feet and then finished the dance move that he's been doing in some sort of Saturday Night Fever dream. His face was blank but his bod was popping. He was a happy little man, and there was no mention of the dummies. Ah, Ted, will your heartbreaks always be so intense, yet so easily overcome?


  1. Two years after they went to the fairies, Popps is still begging on a weekly basis for her dummies. Her love for them will not diminish. God help us on her first relationship break up.

  2. Oh, poor Ted. What a brave boy! That must have been very hard for him.

  3. Poor wee lamb. Very very brave. Even if he isn't quite sure of the details. If only I could leave my boobies in the backyard for the fairy babies... do you reckon that would work? Me neither.

  4. Poor Ted! I'm with Two Tuesdays...I was trying to figure out how to offer my boobs to the poor crying Fairy Babies in your garden rather than the wee tyrant in my bed!

  5. A lovely bit of gentle and imaginative parenting :) Bx

  6. oh top post! what a day you came to me so that I came to you back again and really enjoyed this one. I say well done you! well done Ted and well done fairies. A friend of mine;s little girl gave her dummies to the emu babies. They live in Shark bay wa and the mum is always afraid that when they see emu babies the little girl will start asking questions - but so far so good! thanks for coming by and I will make sure your comment for my give away gets in!

  7. "I haffa watch masterchef". This is my kind of child. And so brave to boot. If he ever needs a spell overseas, you know where to send him :)

  8. Thank goodness he didn't catch on to the real reason why the fairy babies were crying . . . their mothers TOOK THEIR DUMMIES AWAY!!

    Gorgeous story - Ted is adorableness personified. Hope I get one just like him! x

  9. we made the exchange of a bottle for chocolate Easter eggs... Coops still holds a grudge against the innocent bunny... love you and your writing my friend

  10. Loved this - especially the MasterChef plea (I am addicted to it myself, so I totally understand).

    Brave boy ;)

  11. Aw man. Brings back memories. Most heart breaking quote of our cold turkey night "The Dummy fairy DOESN'T LIKE MEEEEEE!" It was a stormy evening that one, but like your boy, the pain was short lived.

    PS am very pleased to inform that you won my giveaway. Yeah! Send me an email to with your address and I will pop it in the post soon!


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