Thursday, November 4, 2010

In Which Keith Finds His Inner Hemingway and Ivy Regresses to Potty Town

The novel is limping forward but I seem to be able only to write camp, nobby comedy or black nights of the soul. I don't like my characters yet. It is in fact quite difficult to write a book. Who knew? It is, however, fun to sit around with Keith reading out snatches of our attempts to each other.

How I love my oddball husband. He has found his inner Hemingway and is getting drunk on Cointreau every night and hammering out pages of his novel, a coming-of-age tale about a young nerdy physics student. He is really finding the voice of a character called Choo Choo Delaney. I am equal parts admiration and concern at his ability to inhabit the soul of a ritzy middle aged boiler.

Life at home with Ivy and T-Bone has been a bit full-on. Ivy is covered in some sort of allergic hives and has missed a couple of days of pre-school. No idea of the cause. Ted is throwing objects around the house like a lunatic discus champion, and remains obsessed with the colour yellow. We pulled the potty out of the shed for him. He's a little confused by it but Ivy has greeted it like a long-lost friend. Three times this week she's handed me the plastic insert and said 'I did a big poo in that Mum. You'd better give it a wash.'

Otherwise, life at home on holidays is paradise. Today I made asparagus, poached eggs, home-made Hollandaise and fresh-baked bread for lunch, and Keith and I played footsies on the couch while catching up on the hilarious stylings of Curb your Enthusiasm.

Hope your Nerd-vembers are travelling well too.


  1. I missed you! I didn't recognise you at first. It's been so long!

    Did you ever think you have a story right in front of you? In that crazy house you live in? Sounds like both you and your husband have feet ... that's a good start to a narrative.

  2. Rachael, I so am sorry I mispelled your name. Bad blogger stalker. I think Keith has the right idea. Adopt an eccentrically dissolute lifestyle and literary outpourings will surely follow. Bx

  3. I can't wait to read your novels!

  4. In fits of giggles. Collaborative book writing definitely requires musical accompaniment... I can definitely imagine some sterling family Mogantosh campfire sing-a-longs.

    Yellow is absolutely the best, most favourite colour in our crayon box as well.

  5. As a fellow compost toileter here- busy still uses the potty inside for night time runs- as the loo is outside- I am OVER it!! but the other option is getting up in the midle of the night with her and going outside.... I fear she will use the potty for YEARS!!!


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