Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pain, The Sucky Houseguest

Well, the clouds of despair hovering over this little ranch are parting a little, and some glimpses of a brighter future are, once again, possible.



Maybe just a leetle. But the codeine isn't working and theatrical self-pity is all I've got. The whinging, worrisome dramatics of the small sick sausage (she's all better now), combined with the incredible destructive capacity of the two-year-old (he only stops emptying buckets to paint with bananas) would be tough in an average cycle.

But this week I've had a really sore hip, resistant to all my usual pain-management tricks.

Looking after little people takes enormous energy, constant positivity, a lot of physical work, and an indestructible sense of humour. When my body fails a bit, all of these little luxuries go out the window.

Problem is, when I feel crap, I just want to withdraw; go silently into my little cave, and have a pity party. It's the best I can do to not be actively cranky. Being all energetic and fun? On top of food and housework? Engaging in craft, in music, in park-time? Sorry. Not so much. In my single days,a little painful episode was easy. Watch Sex and The City DVDS, turn off phone, apply chocolate. But there's no 'alone time' when you have children. They own you, all of you, all the time. Let alone respecting the privacy of toilet time - they're leaning into the bowl during proceedings and saying 'Big one, Mama!"

Thank God for the K-Dog, who has stepped up to the daddy-plate big time - giving me lots of time in the bath and constantly taking Ivy and Ted to the beach, or looking for bugs, or playing Mr. Fox.

Yesterday I started feeling better. I began picking up all the little threads of everyday life that I had dropped in my time-out. I spent ages cooking and freezing. Today I even managed some craftiness, and some Dr. Suess, and some spring-cleaning.

So, Pain, you bastard, thanks again for giving me some perspective on what a tough day really looks like, and big respect all there to all you Mums who are dealing with real pain and disability, and not letting it sap your mojo. And those Mums who are doing it alone without a partner to pick up the slack when they crumble. You rock, if you didn't know that already.

ps- babies! more babies! Welcome to the neighbourhood, Dusty Pearl. xxx


  1. Rach, that is hardcore. I'm nowhere near experiencing this so can only imagine. Really feel for you. Can I do anything to help? Anything?


    PS. love the name Dusty Pearl.

  2. Last year I ended up with two herniated discs in my back, for way too many months I was in enough pain to swallow around 24 tablets a day, I was a pack a day girl, of the nurofen kind. That pain is better, but today a migraine is dragging me under and it is not making me a very good mumma. I have even taken a swig of the pain stop for kids just to see if it provides any relief. Thanks for letting me whinge, now to just get on with it.


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