Monday, October 4, 2010

Kangaroo Valley

A few pics from our short, sweet trip into the Kangaroo Valley, a beautiful part of New South Wales. Our little cottage had a swing out front, overlooking a field with two resident alpacas and a brown horse we called 'Brown'.

The first couple of days were beautifully sunny, and then the weather turned. Lucky for me. I had slightly obsessively planned for rain and man, I would have felt stupid if it never arrived, laden as I was with gumboots, paints and piles of puzzles. Vindication!

We called this alpaca Pancho. I've never seen alpacas before, but I think I'm in love. They look like stout dainty ladies with their rickety legs and big round bums. My friend Dr. Lucy says that they look like the aftermath of relations between an ewok and a llama.

We got some bush-bashing in before the rain arrived.

Bush-walk pirate treasure! (Snakes...ah, holiday rules. )

Closest we got to a family photo.

We played Farm School.

Had some highly stressful lunch hours.

And entertained crazy notions about water-colour painting inside. (Rookie mistake.) Of course Ted went all quiet and then we discovered him going impressionistic on the couch. We took it to the porch and tried some still- life. Ivy's was the best.

(Teddy's patch of naughtiness still visible. )

We made a nest on the floor for family movie night - The Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was the best film. Teddy's middle name is in honour of this very Mr. Fox, but Roald Dahl's version. So we were a bit nervous when we heard about a film being made. But hey, now Teddy is being played in glorious stop-motion animation and voiced by George Clooney! Nice.

The chickens laid eggs for our breakfast every morning.

We liked to feed the goats, even though they were very poo-stained. Teddy said to this one 'Where your nappy?'

On the way home, we stopped at an excellent little Pioneer Museum, where this mannequin was quite frightening. You can see my body language is protective.

And then we took our two sleepy bobos home.

Since we got back I've been washing and spring cleaning, trying to get things in order around here. Ted, never one to confine himself to a canvas, has discovered drawing on walls. Ivy has been wandering around naked but for her Black Ghost mask. And I punched myself in the face today trying to wrestle an attachment off the vacuum cleaner. So, business as usual.


  1. That holiday looks outrageously relaxing and beautiful. Not jealous at all. Cause I am going to ALBURY in the next few weeks, you GOT THAT? A-L-B-U-R-Y. At least the op shops are fairly spectacular and I don't have to cook. I may even get a date with my man.

  2. Who needs good weather when you've got a good crew with you. Looks like a wonderful break.

  3. everything about these photos spells relaxation and quality time...just beautiful. i loved all the eggs lined up!

  4. I'm inspired to finally get on with organising a holiday for us.

    "Ivy has been wandering around naked but for her Black Ghost mask."

    So long as her secret identity stays safe.

  5. This looks like an awesome holiday. But it's the sight of those four eggs lined up with toast soldiers that is making me go totally nutsy. Can you be my mum too? x

  6. Yup, those vacuum injuries can be nasty. Hope you're on the mend...


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