Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is Life. Is Good!

Enough with the self pity! I'm sick of myself.

1. Have you watched this? My ovaries! Ow, my ovaries. Wouldja stop poking me?

2. Amanda Soule has bought a farmhouse and designated a library for books, games and art. Ah.

3. I am a technical noodle but I had fun trying to change my blog around. I know it doesn't look good. But looks aren't everything. It tries hard.

5. Ivy's 4th birthday party is this weekend. I bought white Kit Kat chocolate to make some T-Rex teeth for her cake. 'Who would buy this awful chocolate for real?' I wondered. The answer is me. I have eaten it all and now I have to buy more.

4. Lastly, Grover has filmed his own version of the infamous Old Spice ad.

In conclusion: there is always hope, and unexpectedly good chocolate and interior design to dream about. And Grover is on a horse.


  1. Are you drunk?

    I like your new photo header. Have another baby, for God's sake!

  2. You give good header, kid. Seriously---the look on Ted's face is priceless.

  3. I love the look of your new blog- love the header looks great. Glad you are feeling better too... feeling better enough to want another baby is entirely another thing...

  4. I love it!!!!!!! grover is the best.
    your blog looks ace anything with those two munchkins on it is gonna look great!!

    ~ Samone x


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