Monday, October 25, 2010

2 Million Creationists Can't Be Wrong

Usually, I don't make a habit of taking advice from conservative Christian fundamentalists. But on Wife Swap yesterday, an earnest god-botherer was talking about looking after her house and family 'with joy in her heart'.

I had a pretty rough weekend, with some worrying stuff in it, and on Sunday, I struggled so hard to find my happy face. I shouted at Teddy 'Please just let me go to the toilet!' I wished that everybody would just Leave Me Alone. I was generally cranky and exhausted. So everybody had a not-so-good day.

And it was our wedding anniversary.


This morning I decided that the crazy lady from Wife Swap really talked a damn lot of sense. And I've decided to try and find the joy in my heart today. We'll try the anniversary again next week I think.


  1. Oh my dear! Do try to look after yourself as well - you need it. And it's quite reasonable (if not always feasible, with small people) for you to want to go to the toilet, alone and in peace. That's not an honest-to-goodness hissyfit.

    I'll never forget reading a columnist in the New York Times who said that her (older) children weren't allowed to speak to her until she'd had a cup of coffee and read the paper. She likened it to applying your own oxygen mask on the plane before trying to help anyone else.

  2. I think I need to find the joy. I've been a crank head for the last week. It just keeps rolling on unless I fight it off with my jolly armour. And it is hard to find your jolly armour when you can't even go to the loo in peace.

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Sorry I forgot to say Happy Anniversary when we spoke yesterday - was focused on the other stuff! Happy Happy to you and Keith...and drop the guilt are the most patient mums I know and its soo OK to need a bit of space on occasion. Everyone has limits and boundaries - even mummy. The joy will return...have a better weekend the next one...hugs and love. xx

  4. I know. I definitely know what you're saying. Thanks for the reminder, via Wife Swap (who knew it could be so profound?), to look for the happiness wherever you may find it.

  5. Now lets not get carried away my friend. You are allowed to have a shit day. You are allowed to be Miss cranky pants. You are allowed to postpone wedding anniversary love fest. you are allowed to do all of those things. because you are a mum.

    lets not start converting to religious fundametals yet....
    when I find myself watching wifeswap i sit there thinking why am I watching this shit.... yet somehow I am complelled to... like watching a car crash.... i cannot take my eyes away!

  6. Ok, you were watching wife swap, do things were already going a bit wrong! Maybe stay away from bad crazy people TV.

    I have been asked twice this week why there is a bike pump in the toilet area, well, cos the kids were playing with it and wouldn't leave me alone, so they were playing with it in there and of course left it there for me to pick up. Stuff it, it is there till I can be bothered cleaning.

  7. Oh, ick. This kind of day calls for a Wiggles DVD, a tall glass of something potent, and a quart or two of Ben & Jerry's. Try it! The booze'll knock 'em out every time, and then it's just you, The Wiggles and the ice cream.

  8. haha! Sorry I'm not laughing...but really I am cos I totally relate. (and I'm probably what you may even consider a God-botherer..)
    I just wrote a post in the weekend about trying to choose what can be good out of the crap kids are still following me to the toilet and this weekend it has been doing my head in. reaaallly struggling to find whats good about that though ;)

  9. oh and i rekon they must try to find the crazyiest people ever for wife swap! are people ACTUALLY like that over in America???

  10. Happy Anniversay! Emphasis on Happy.


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