Friday, September 10, 2010

Universe, Get Rooted.

I've been AWOL from blogland.

Which is to say that I've been deep in gastro-hell, a land where children stop whinging only long enough to throw up on you. Where they shout terrible words at you when you turn off ABC Kids after four straight hours.

Ivy has seen this bout of illness as a fun sort of mother-daughter competition. If I say ' I know you feel grumpy. Sometimes when we're sick we have trouble feeling happy,' she shouts 'I am more sicker than you, Mama!' On the toilet: 'I have more diahhreah than you, Mum!' and so on, and so on.

I'm trying to be positive. The joy of the spew wash! The thrill of scrubbing explosive diahhreah from the composting toilet! The fun of managing the conflicting needs of an irritable, lethargic three-year-old and a healthy, cabin-fevered two-year-old desperate for action! And, finally, the character-building challenge of doing all this while bacteria fight for control of my own colon!

My computer is broken, so my link to the adult world is gone, as is the radio I stream through the Internet during the day. Keith was in Canberra for two days. He got home late last night - buggered, getting sick- and Ted decided to have a party in our bed for an hour.

"Medicine! Need medicine, Mama! Where is nose? What is dis? Mama! Open eyes! Need medicine!'

Yesterday, a cold virus took advantage of our compromised immunity to add to our family fun. So my stomach has stopped hurting but my sinuses are blocked and aching. At least I can't smell the Eau De la Vom wafting from the laundry.

I'm at the library today for my work-day. Thank God, both kiddoes are in good enough shape to make it to day-care and pre-school this morning. I've tried to start writing but for the life of me, I can't find where I saved my last, almost-finished column on this goddamn little pen drive.

That's it.

I'm going to take off to a lunchtime movie, eat a sandwich and see Angelina's lady-action in Salt.


  1. Nice bit of universe bird-flippin', Rach. Hope all are well soon, and that your productivity shifts effortlessly from colon to column.

  2. Ooh poor you, that sounds like a nightmare! You'd be so glad to be out of the house today, hope you don't have to go through that again any time soon...

  3. Oh dear. Don't you love those times when all hell descends? Hope you're all through it now...

  4. that all absolutely sucks massively! Hope the bugs leave the hosue soon... perhaps a cleansing ceremony??

    YOU KNOW I feel your pain cleaning the composting toilet!

  5. Oh I hear ya rach, the universe has made my bed, and on occassion my owm mouth the vomitarium of a lovely one year old this week, coupled with bum explosions that had me drive to the shops and pick up disposables! I love the planet, but not enough to scrub that stuff of nappies! Glad to hear all are on the upside is with only one bub, he sleeps alot more, pity my enthusiasm for work has been dulled by the stench from our laundry too!

  6. I hear you. :)

    and to cheer you up the capthcha word for this comment is rainglut.

  7. horrid, feels like death is upon you when these weeks hit.

    I hope a sunnier week springs forth for next week.

  8. I have a friend names Ivy. I love the name. I also want to watch a movie and're so lucky.

  9. Well bloody hell, eh? Glad you took the movie option - a dark room with no smalls, other people's snot or vommie sounds just the ticket!

  10. Oh dude that sucks! We have been ill but luckily I have not had the toilet cleaning to contend with. Really feel for you. Hope you're on the mend soon.


    PS. I have a friend named Ivy too.


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