Friday, September 3, 2010

Howdy! And babies.

So my computer has been infected, nay, eaten alive, by a corker of a virus. It's rolled over and kicked its little legs in the air for the last time.

I'm buying a new laptop this weekend and I am mondo excited. But in the meantime I've been off the intertubes.

Although you can read a guest post I wrote for Megan over here at ecomilf. She's just had a baby. A really sweet, delicious little baby. Ooh, I love the babies.

I've got babies on the brain.

Babies babies babies.

While I've been forced off the keyboard, I've been sewing, trying to make ginger beer, and kissing the fat little legs of my offspring.

This morning I started hydrotherapy. It was great to spend an hour in a steamy little bathhouse with a pool full of elderly patients laughing a lot. Good for the soul, and good for the spine. This spine has got to be in good shape if there are any more babies on the cards for this little tribe. There's nothing to report (Mum.) Really. I'm just a slave to my hormones, currently.

Babies babies babies.

Hope you've all been well too.



  1. Yes. Babies. Mine's getting all big on me ,.. sigh.

  2. Ooh...hydrotherapy sounds divine! Enjoy every steamy moment!

  3. Giggle. I think in that sort of a pattern as well.

  4. spine please please co-operate. pretty please..

  5. If you have another one, our hitherto strangely parallel lives will diverge. We're done with the baby-making. But I'll come and visit you, so everything will be ok.

    PS. Babies.

  6. babies. I just don't know if I want another one. I really cannot decide if i do.

    i am never good at repeating things I don't feel like I am good at.

  7. My back has decided there will be no more babies. Not sure if I would have desired another anyway, but annoying not to be able to decide myself.
    Other peoples new babies I love. I don't like the preggie bit though.

  8. this week has been a definately stopping at two kinda week. all i need is a couple of nights sleep and i'll be back in the beloveds ear about more more more.



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