Monday, September 13, 2010

Fathers Day 2010

I'm a bit behind, sorry. Things have been hectic. I believe I might have mentioned poo and spew once or twice this week? But I couldn't let Fathers Day slip by completely without a little tribute to the K-Dog. My beloved goofball, my brilliant buddy and the absolute centre of our little tribe.

This guy! This Dad! Luckily I had a few really bad boyfriends in my time so I am objectively able to appreciate my luck in finding and breeding with such a good specimen.

Keith is the best kind of old-fashioned, post-feminist family man. He adores his babies. He's incredibly tolerant. Kind and funny. Will dance like a fool with no provocation. Not only that, he spends his work day using his big fat brain to find ways to save all our sorry asses with solar energy.

He can tell a story that goes for weeks, when Ivy lets him get a word in.

Never gets tired of wandering the world with his little people.

Gives good cuddle.

And so far, has managed two annual father-daughter camping trips with friends Tristan and Talia.

Plus, he has a bum like two puppies fighting under a blanket. Happy Fathers Day, Keith! We love you this much.


  1. YAY Keith! I kissed a few frogs to find my Prince too. xx

  2. He has a bum with eight legs, two waggy tails, two wet noses, sharp teeth and fleas?

    I haven't come across a bum like that before.

    Does his bum chew Dunlop volleys?

  3. :-D @ Make mine Mid-Century.

    Good for you finding one of the good ones, and as someone who has wasted more than a few hours trying to explain the scientific *consensus* position on global warming to a rather arrogant non-scientist self-styled "sceptic" (*deep breath*), good on him for fighting the good fight.


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