Friday, September 3, 2010

Dancing Pants. And - oh! Irish Cream!

I've got a little sister. She's only fifteen months younger than I am and we have always been a solid twosome. Like Ivy and Teddy, who currently love their invented game 'Hug-Running', Sam and I spent childhood making our own fun. One favourite game, called Irish Cream, required us to make milkshakes and pour them into little shot glasses.

We would spend a long time setting up the mise-en-place, then we would pretend to be Grown-Up Ladies, just chatting, who came across the scene.

'Well, I couldn't believe it,' I would say to Sam as we sauntered across the kitchen. 'He had green hair!' 'But why on earth!' she would answer, and then we'd pause dramatically in front of our bar, and say together: 'Oh! Irish Cream!' We'd do the shots, set up the bar, start again. 'Well, green! I ask you. What sort of a child...' etc., etc., etc. We played Irish Cream for hours, and for years. And Mum and Dad weren't drinkers, in case you're wondering.*

Our main recreational pastime, though, was in the The Art of Dance.

Sam and I were always choreographing routines, 80's style, and making Mum watch them. We had 'signature' moves we would often incorporate. We made a lot of use of the stairs, we always included some floor-work, and often we would rhythmically shake hands. Liturgical dance moves from church would frequently creep in. Once we did complicated routines for every song on one entire side of the Sweet And Sour soundtrack album. In between songs we would freeze, pant, and shout at Mum if she tried to get up.

Ivy and Ted already show great individuality as dancers. They are not constrained by self-consciousness or focus on 'technique'. Ivy likes to begin by removing her pants, then she wildly swings, jumps and points at the ceiling, Lately she's been throwing in a little Robot. Ted's style involves nodding his head to one side, stamping his foot, turning in a circle and pumping his fists.

I'm proud to say that I think they've got my genes.

Any the hoo, this lengthy, rambling trip down memory lane has been leading to this clip - found via dooce -of some crazy-hot dancing. I love this so much. As soon as I'm set up with my new computer, I'm going to watch this every morning just to get the Happy flowing.

Sammy, I dedicate this one to you.
Sit down, Mum! This post isn't finished! Sit down!

*They were goat-sacrificing, nudist volley-ballers though.


  1. Ooh yeah!! I can't stop smiling as I reminisce about my days of awesome 80s choreography! And how much do I LOVE that video clip? Gotta run out and hire some of those videos this weekend (though there's a couple of scenes in there that I don't recognise, which is a little concerning). Just one favourite dance scene that I think was missing though... Shake a Tail Feather from The Blues Brothers. :)

  2. Thanks, Rach---now I have to o watch the Glee flash mob clip again, don't I?

  3. The prerequisite for any maniac moves on the dancefloor is the removal of one's pants ... I think that daughter of yours can teach us all something.

  4. the art of dance, love it. my sisters and I were also pioneers in this field!

  5. Oh, yes....My Sis and I even set up a "changing area" behind a sheet at the bottom of the stair case so we could have costume changes between our dance routines! Sounds like Ivy just needs another outfit to put on once she removes her "everyday" pants. Perhaps one with sequins? Yes, yes, I do believe sequins are in order.


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