Sunday, August 22, 2010

We're Selling Some Crazy Over Here.

The baby bears have been keeping me pretty busy. Some travelling, some last-of-winter lurgies. Ted has embraced his toddler-hood with real boy energy. Piles are for tipping over, drawers are for emptying and life is for living at full speed, and then some.

Meanwhile, his big sister grows more eccentric and busy by the hour. She plays circuses, restaurants, shops, schools and 'packing', while Ted tracks her every move. Each game involves piles of components that mix up with the previous pile of bits, until at the end of the day I feel I am living on some kind of public health blacklist, a raggedy witchy-haired lunatic trying hopelessly to make order from the chaos and begging 'Ivy! I will start counting! Don't make me start counting!'

Today Ivy went missing. She'd sneaked out to the giant rock in the bush over the road she calls 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat.' When told she can't do something, she's taken to doing it anyway and saying jokily 'But I'm just tricking you!'

Here are some of her latest pronouncements:

On Evolution:
So the puppy lays a puppy and then that puppy get big and then it lays a puppy and then that puppy gets big and then it lays a puppy and then that puppy gets big. And then it lays a puppy.

On Refusing to Wear A Jacket:

I can't, Mum. My arms have to be able to see each other so that can talk. Because they are very good friends.

On Political Elections:

So you do pick the one who has the idea you like? Well I have an idea. Everybody love everybody. That's my idea.

On Natural Childbirth:

Mummy, when I have a baby I will not have too much of that gas.


  1. Hilarious comments!

    I've started writing a few othat I've heard too! They are too funny to forget.

    The evolution explanation is extremely plausible.

  2. Ethan put a train down his top yesterday and then let it fall out the bottom of his top...then exclaimed in delight that he had "borned a train". Hmmm

  3. Ivy makes me gasp and squeak. I want to get 'Everybody love everybody' printed on a t-shirt.
    Regarding dogs, Mitch proclaimed yesterday: "I hate all dogs. Except nice dogs".

  4. :-D I love that she's still open to just a bit of 'that gas'. Good for her.


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