Thursday, August 5, 2010 The Brains Of Children.

I love a good podcast. Sometimes when the kids are engrossed in trashing the joint in some imaginative way, they throw me a bone and let me listen to some beautiful minds as I go about the general business of cleaning up around them.

One of my favourite places to find podcasts is, who have some really great twenty-minute rambles by creative and off-beat thinkers. Today they're listing a series of talks related to children's brains. I love, love, love reading about neuroscience, especially all the stuff about the marvellous crazy plastic brain of small people. I can't wait to listen through this series of talks.


  1. Right up my alley - thanks for the link.

    (wishing that my brain was still plastic and I could better remember how to transfer podcasts from computer to MP3)

  2. thanks - looking for good iPod stuff to survive the 90 min each way drive to work (after not working - well not paid work that real grownups do anyway - for over 5 years I too am wishing my poor old brain had some of that plasticity left in there too. Man it is tiring thinking all day and being all professional like).


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