Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Drowning, Mothering.

Do you guys read this blog? Oh lord, is she funny. This post really, truly cracked me up today.

Happy Monday, my fellas.


  1. I go to the Book Depository with that link. Which is fine, I always need new books in me but I hate missing out on the funny!

  2. Thanks Tuesday, fixed now.I agree that the Book depository is useful rather than comic. And btw you can get organic olive oil just at the supermonkey.At least at mine you can, and it's not that fancy a set-up. And re podcasting: get a techy friend to come over and talk you through while you write everything down nerdily. Good luck! x

  3. Only discovered her last week. It is a very funny read, love her!

  4. I'm a convert. She's a cracker!

    The supermonkey has organics? Duuude. I'd always thought I was living in dero alley, but now I know it. I got the podcasting thing organised. I set my nerdy bro to work and he does it for me now (but I have to wax his back... jokes).

    Sometimes the book depository is comic. Like when they send you the wrong book and make you pay to send it back and the postage for the one you actually ordered. Funny, yes?

  5. GOLD!!! And her letter to Gisele is also hilarious!!I am adding her to the links on my blog right now.

  6. I see many a laugh ahead, definitely bookmark worthy.

    Thanks for the link.


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