Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happiness 101

I'm frequently late to many things, including motherhood, pre-school drop-off and fine cheese appreciation. Fancy cheese all smells a bit like bum to me. I'm classy like that.

So it follows that I'm late to respond to a happiness meme sent on by two of my favourite bloggers. Here they are pictured below, when we took it REAL-WORLD-STYLE! Lexi from pottymouthmama is on the left and Anna from rummey bears is in the middle. Don't look too closely at that little wombat in the sling. She'll put your ovaries on high alert, I warn you.

Here's the game: you report on ten things that make you happy, and you pass the challenge on.

So here's my happy list:

1. Keith: The many faces of. In particular: Tucking my wintry feet under his warm ones while reading books in bed. And watching him put together IKEA flat-pack furniture. Hot hot hot!

2. Moments of pure joy with my two small, square, squidgey children, like when Ivy and I had a dance-off yesterday to Gloria Estefans 'Turn The Beat Around' in the cereal aisle of Franklins.

3. Telling Teddy the Bear to 'tuck in!' and have him do this:

3. Feeding both the high and the lowbrow parts of my soul in one session. For example: putting down a really engrossing Quarterly Essay to ponder some issue of social import and realising Wife Swap is on the TV. Cup overfloweth.

4. Wallowing in the bath reading books and eating chocolate.

5. Learning how to make and create objects of usefulness in my everyday life. It is deeply thrilling to feel like I've created something with my own hands, slightly shrunken our footprint and stuck it to the man at the same time.

6. Adrian Mole.

7. Talking to my Mum and my sister on the phone and ending every conversation abruptly with 'Oh - gotta go!'

8. Using pineapples as interior decor.

8. Finding reasons to joke about 18th century French novelists. (Ah, Balzac. Thanks for being you.)

9. The two coffees I try to restrain myself to each day. If I'm out and about, one in my fantasticKeepCup.

10. Writing this blog, and reading all the witty, smart and interesting blogs I love. Some of which make me laugh out loud and snort number 9 across my keyboard. To that end, I'm throwing this out to 5 blogs that never fail to make me laugh:

I hope your week is filled with whatever brand of happiness you love.


  1. Dude, I look kind of cross-eyed. And lame. Thanks. Big ups to ya.

    I can't believe you didn't feature Mama Bear doing her awesome impression.

    It was swell to meet ya in IRL BTW. Let's do it again real soon.

  2. That little elfish thing in the pouch is almost edible.

    Look at her pixie expression ... she's thinking, "Stupid broads, they think they're movers and shakers."

    I'm never happy.

  3. Ah, Wife Swap. It's absolutely fascinating viewing. Although labelling Quarterly Essay as lowbrow is a bit harsh, don't you think?

    And in the spirit of this post, I'll probably do it in about three weeks, after I've crapped on about models and Mudgee.

  5. Apologies, Lex. We both look sort of creepy and lame, really, standing scary-close to Anna who looks normal, and maybe just a tiny bit frightened.

  6. What a fabulous challenge! I'm going to start this weekend by locating my inner appreciation for the interior decored pineapple. Oh, but I am SHOCKING at these things. It'll be months before I remember to write 'em down - you'll forgive the slackness, right?

  7. Well, apart from the fact that you've just turned me off fancy cheese for life, I just love reading your blog. Thanks for the highbrow-lowbrow balance and a good laugh as always.

  8. Love this post Rach. Will endeavour to put a list together for myself. Always a good thing to do.

  9. Nice post. Like you with aKeith and the flat packs for me it is when I come home and Chef/ husband the horder is chucking stuff out. makes me swoon. or as one of my crass freind would say ' that is a leg opener" but I wouldn't say thta because that would be crass.

  10. well you had me at 'Wife Swap'...
    thanks so much for stopping by my blog and right back at ya - you had me laughing out loud. x

  11. this is a great post, thanks for saharing. am working on mine for my blog. xx lisa


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