Monday, August 2, 2010

A Fruit Tree, An Aging Placenta and A Very Nice Day.

Yesterday some thin but delicious wintry sunshine drove us out into the backyard to plant a mandarin tree. Teddy's placenta has been in the fridge waiting for a chance to be planted under some meaningful and lovely botanicalia. Not the freezer, I stress, to our shame. The fridge.

Teddy is two in a fortnight.

At this point you might want to don a face-mask, update the public haelth blacklist and switch your allegiance to another blog whose inhabitants Keep Themselves Nice. No offence - thanks for the visit, and I understand you must return to your own people.

Those beloved slobs who remain: I salute you. You probably would also be understanding about Teddy playing with the headless dead rabbit last week.

Anyhoo, I digress. But you might be interested to know that a placenta kept refrigerated in a sealed bucket really lasts quite well. I believe the McDonald's Happy Meal has the same ability.

Look, a worm!

Dirt is squishy. It feels almost as good as eviscerated entrails.

Action Dad.

Sweetness in boots.

Ivy channels her inner mandarin.

Not for everybody, fun with old placentas, but for us, a beautiful Sunday at home.


  1. But did you ever eat any of it?

  2. hehehehe...... well, I got a laugh out of it! Placenta in the fridge for 2 years, who would have thought?

  3. Is that the rare aged placenta Mandarin tree? I hear the fruit is ever so juicy.

  4. LOL. What a post. Yes, I am curious too- did you end up trying it? I have been tempted to keep mine but I think it's that step too far for my poor hubby who already puts up with enough quirks and earthy beliefs. xo m.

  5. Oh, you're so not gross. Wish I'd kept a placenta or two. Next time, Gadget!

    (Perhaps won't be powdering it and taking it in capsule form however, like one of my dear friends recently did. Milk supply - whoah!!!!!)

  6. You've outdone yourself on this post Rach!

  7. wow....anything left too long in our fridge is unceremoniously dumped in the chook pen by the other half.

    Looks like a good weekend of fridge clearing, hole-digging, dirt playing, tree planting.....sounds like a great Sunday at home.

  8. Teddy has gone and got all little boy, how gorgeous!

    Delightful story. I am sure the fruit of that tree will be extra bountiful.

  9. I have to say I did think you made an error. No, she means the freezer. For sure.

    Hey, if you say it works in the fridge it works in the fridge. I'm not one to judge. Our midwife dried Rosie's out, ground it up and turned it into vitamin pills for me. (They smell like fish food.)

    PS. the kidlets are looking super cute here btw. x

  10. I am so glad that I am not alone in the placenta keeping club. I kept all 3 placentas and planted little trees on them (a rose, a guava tree and an avacado!). Everyone thought I was so strange but it was so important to me!! My placentas wouldn't have last 2 weeks in the fridge where space is at a premium!!

  11. Headless rabbit? Do tell! Amy was playing with a dead chooks foot the other day - a side effect of slaughtering your own animals.

    I'm not sure what the hospital would have said if I'd wanted to save my placenta - when Amy was born, we were renting, so no chance and I didn't even think about it after Isaac. We do however have fruit trees that need to be planted on the dog's graves.

  12. Okay, it took me a minute to figure out what the unusual bit was. Guess that means I'm with my own people to begin with.

  13. I'm sure placentas get better with age! I just read a hospital policy about taking placentas home - it specified no longer than 48 hours in a fridge that does not store food! Quite bizarre.

    Pigs & Bishops (currently signing in under my Google ID because Blogger won't let me comment using my Wordpress ID and I can't work out how to fix it.


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